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Wyatt Marco
Full name Wyatt Julius Marco
Parents Kai & Ingrid Marco
Siblings Daphne, Tobias, Isabelle and Mari
Spouse Unwed
Assignment House Daska
Specialization Companion
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, black hair
Status Inactive
Education Information


Employment History

Born and educated on Sihnon. Recently arrived on Persephone.

Personal Notes

Amateur Chef

NOTE: This information is meant to help players get an idea of what they might have heard about Wyatt.

Wyatt Marco has been guild-certified for four years. He has an interest in dance and martial arts. He grew up on Sihnon as the youngest son of a prominent family. His father Kai is a successful corporate lawyer and his sister Daphne is also a member of the Guild. He is a talented singer and a fair hand at piano. He enjoys performing for his clients.

In addition to his services as a Companion, Wyatt is also a trained chef. He will cook personal meals on request. Food is sensual, so his meals add to the overall experience of a Companion visit. Meals can be tailored to an individual's taste

He services both male and female clients. Wyatt's sense of style tends to be subdued and elegant.