Victor Qasim

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Victor Qasim


Victor Qasim
Full name
  • Victor Makmoud Qasim
  • Father: Hamed
  • Mother: Sheeva
  • None
  • None
  • None
  • Sniper, Falkirk
  • Male
Eyes and Hair
  • Brown hair, Brown eyes
Education Information

Homeschooled by his parents


Victor Makmoud Qasim grew up on Ezra, surrounded by mercenaries and thugs. His parents were Arabic and as caring as two thieves could be, but managed to bring their child up with a good since of right and wrong, although slightly muddled with 'do what you have to to survive'. His parents taught him to speak their ancestors' native tongue to instill the cultural roots of their religion in him. He started selling his services as a gun-for-hire, although never really liked the unjustified killing that came along with the job. He slighted an employer named Marcus Barrus when he refused a contract and the man came after him. His parents were murdered, and Marcus hobbled young Victor for life, shattering his knee with a point-blank gunshot wound. This all happened when Victor was only twenty-five years old, and he's spent the last ten years jumping from ship to ship hoping that his path will someday intersect with Marcus'. He spent a lot of his down time speaking with his old friend Captain Jacobs of the Legerdemain. Jacobs was a bit of a warhorse and he helped the broken Victor rebuild his life. Jacobs taught the young merc how to better use a rifle with a combination of breathing techniques and other tips. Jacobs and the Legerdemain were both, however destroyed during a routine refueling at a colony when the fuel line backed up. Victor was off gathering supplies when he heard the news. This hurt the man, but he had to move on. He quickly found another job on an old ship named the Equivocator. Not much of importance happened, other than the fact the Victor was mainly the chef and not the security. He loved it. Cooking helped him forget about things for a while...even if the crew wasn't too keen on it.


The man before you is a tall six foot, two inches. He's not what someone would call 'muscle-bound', but he looks as if he's taken good care of his body. His face isn't exactly classically handsome, but he's definitely not ugly. His dark complexion compliments his brown eyes, which tend to sparkle all by themselves. He wears his hair short and spikey, making sure to keep it out of his face. His nose is very falcon-like in appearance, giving him an almost predator-like look. He is dressed in military-looking garb: black trousers tucked into black, leather boots. He wears a simple, olive-drab shirt with the word 'Gimp' stencilled in black lettering across the chest. Over his trousers on his left knee is a sturdy, metal knee-brace.


Victor during his time on Ezra with the mercenary band.


A brooding sort. Still trapped in his past, trying to find revenge against a man he'll probably never find. This leads him to suffering from severe bouts of anger and depression. He also has no idea how to handle himself around a person who loves him.


  • Practicing Muslim
  • Skilled in a variety of weapons, but specializes in long-rifles and knives.

The People

Sypher - Current romantic interest.

RP Hooks

  • He might have killed some of your family. He's been at the assassin/mercenary game for a good ten years.


Just a few of the songs that Victor listens to while he's working.

"Eleanor Rigby" by Ray Charles

"Damn Your Eyes" by Etta James

"Gettin' By, High and Strange" by Kris Kristofferson

"Pancho and Lefty" by Willie Nelson and Merle Haggard

"Seven Spanish Angels" by Ray Charles and Willie Nelson

"One Too Many Mornings" by Bob Dylan