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 | Title = [[Title]]
 | Category = [[Category:Cat_Name]]
 | List = [[Captain]] • [[XO]] • Etc...

Schrödinger's Functionality

By default, when a navigation box is set up using this template and it includes a category assignment, any pages that include that navigation box are automatically added to that category. It is possible to add more flexibility to this...

Step 1. In the navigation box (such as a template for your ship's crew), when calling this template, add the {{{1}}} marker to the first line, like so:


(Fill in the rest of the template as normal.)

Step 2. When including your crew template (let's say it's {{ShinyShip's Crew}}) on a page, you can choose not to have that page assigned to the template's category, by adding the "nocat" switch, like so:

{{ShinyShip's Crew|nocat}}

This is especially useful when setting up a template on the category page that goes with it, so that the category isn't linked to itself as a sub-category.