Tara O'Keith

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Tara O'Keith

You must not fear, fear is the mind killer...

Tara O'Keith
Full name Tara Caer O'Keith
Date of Birth
  • October 18 2511
  • Father: Gerald O'Keith.
  • Mother: Bethany O'Keith.
  • Drew O'Keith (Oldest)
  • Ronald O'Keith (Second)
  • Elijah O'Keith (Third)
  • Breck O'Keith (forth)
  • Bethany O'Keith (Sixth)
  • Divorced
  • Chewie, her massive tibetan mastiff
  • Soul searching
  • Female
Eyes and Hair
  • Red, Bright blue
Education Information

Bachelor of Arts, University on Ariel. PHD in in the arts, on Paquin


-Hal's comment and summary of Tara:

"Bullshit. You're far cleverer than most people think. And braver, too. Otherwise you wouldn't have climbed up that bloody tower on Newhall. You're a badass in a soft shell, Tara O'Keith. Forget that at your peril."

-Storn's comment to Sev on the type of woman Tara is:

"A woman like that will do one of two things, Sev. She will either inspire you to be more than you are or destroy you in her wake. Either way, the risk just might be worth it."


Like everyone, she has one. You could always meet her and ask..

Recent Events

With living comes change, change has happened, and though it's never the path one may want to walk, it's one that must be walked, and thus that is what she does now, forward onto a new chapter of her life.


Tara is soft natured with a kind soul and being. She is gentle at heart, graceful and elegant. Her spirit seems to more balanced, it's not often she jumps to conclusions, or judgements with people. Though aware of the bad, she is also aware of the good and seems to believe in people. There is a constant kindness, and sweetness about her, perhaps to the point of some level of innocence that almost seems to work for her, as it reflects the goodness in her heart. Through all that, the woman, even unknowingly to her, is more spirited than she ever realized, which shines through in the development of her life.

The People

  • Emilian - A man that is more than he seems, and that is interesting. I let him use my violin..
  • Summer - She pulled at me, even if she was a Companion. I miss her. She saw into me.
  • Hal - I can cry on is shoulder, I can tell him anything, he is always there for me. He's become quite the man, and I'm damn proud of that and that I get to say he is my friend. And one of the few who seems to truly see into me.
  • Ambrose - Rose. Or so I call him. From when we could learn to walk we were friends. And he is overly protective of me too, like a brother. Because of that I can lean on him whenever I need, and know he's always there.
  • Kenthadus - Frat boy in a mans body. But, the good fun kind, that means well. And damn his whiskey! Glad to call him a good friend.
  • Jason - We became friends in an unlikely place. He pistol whipped someone in my defense. He helped save my life more than once (Via implant of ICD), and we've becom good friends. Even if he is a doctor. I can see past that
  • Maxim - We've known each other for a long time, I'm grateful for his friendship and his ear. And his kids are super cute.
  • Destari - A new friend, and lovely woman.
  • Storn - So far, seems like a nice guy, if a little devious at times. I'll need to keep an eye on him.
  • Devlin - A fellow ginger and a flirt, that much is plain.
  • Robyn - A woman I met through Ambrose. Though she has a harder outside, from what I see, she has a great inside.
  • Theresa - Lady Theresa, married to Maxim. A wonderful lady and a damn fine cook too! She is the only one that seems to tempt me to want to eat sweets, occasionally. Sometimes. Rarely. But if I do eat one, it's of her fine baking!
  • Lirin - Lady Lirin, she welcomed me into her home. Fantastic lady! I owe a lot to her.
  • Sink - The man of Dumont. Lady Lirin's husband. He seems like a nice man, one a person can -trust-, too.
  • Diantha - Her and I, in many ways, are cut from the same cloth I think. We're just formed differently.
  • Michio - A friend I don't get to see often enough. And that's sad.
  • Kyoshiro - It's been a quick friendship but even quicker has he become like a brother. An over protective brother with ice cream on his nose.


  • Has an ICD implanted into her heart now. Let's hope it keeps her ticker ticking!
  • Whiskey. That stuff is dangerous for her. Instant barrier wall breakings happen.
  • Ever hear about the redhead that climbed that big ass tower on Newhall when the Reavers attacked? To help direct ships. Yeah, that was her.

RP Hooks

  • Highest level yoga and meditation teacher. If you want to learn, just ask.
  • Though she may come across more proper, is rather simple in her life. Doesn't need, doesn't want much, and isn't materialist.
  • Has her PHD in the arts. acquired on Paquin.
  • Does aerial acrobatics, along with other kinds.
  • Talented artist, even if she is colour blind.
  • Is well trained in most styles of dance, with a strong tie to ballet - especially point work, however, you name it, she can dance it. Dancing being on of her biggest passions.
  • Along with dancing, is an amazing, very talented violinst, though she plays pretty much any instrument, that's her major focus. She also has a good voice.
  • Likes to be bare foot as much as she possibly can.
  • Loves spicy food
  • Her mother is Blue Sun, a doctor, and damn proud of the fact too. This though, makes Tara nervous, having a dislike for Blue Sun.
  • Is left handed
  • Double jointed
  • Dislikes sweets of all sorts
  • Big into health, does yoga, meditates, works out. But given that she is a performer, fitness is also a must.
  • Has a massive, even for it's breed, tibetan mastiff named Chewie who is always with her. Though the overly huge beast is hairy and daunting looking, with a few scars on his back and missing an ear, he is in general good natured. Unless you try to hurt his master, then it's on.
  • Her spirit is freer and stronger than she has even realized, and confidence in that is growing more every day.


A possible new venture Tara has taken up doing some model work. Photographer is Jacob Storn.

Music and Performances

Dancing On The Stars, week one. Partner Ambrose Nightshade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nQwNi8rGMS0 Dancing On The Stars, week three. Partner Ambrose Nightshade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=I7mRBfKs8_w Dancing On The Stars week five partner Ambrose Nightshade https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xAO58utaAPQ

A picture is worth a thousand words.