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  • ...nts that people from all over the 'verse come to dine at. Most of the best chefs in the 'verse either come from Ariel, or relocate their restaurants to Arie
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  • ...oilet facilities and wound up in the kitchen. She gazed, wide eyed, at the chefs, waiters and commis all running around busy. Finally the head chef noticed
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  • ...kills not only as a chef, but taking time to apprentice with master pastry chefs and chocolatiers. When Caldwell Chalets bought out a locally owned resort
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  • ...nging from his abdomen. The blade looking like a very very very over sized Chefs Knife, On the end of is a overly muscular, scarred, and bloody reaver. He h
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  • ...the air, over the lines and lands right before Conoger bringing it's giant chefs knife upon the Viking. Esther is quick to dispatch the Reavers after Danee
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  • ...ho Gavin smiles at politely, "Quite fabulous so far. My compliments to the chefs and owner and the staff is delightful." <English>
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  • [[Category:Chefs]]
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  • a pair of tongs. He's got his apron back on and even is wearing a silly chefs hat. He's also making sure some sauteed vegitables are going over well on a of the other Churara cooks to take over for him again. He takes off his chefs hat and heads towards the MEdical Tent. Looking over Oksana as she stands,
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