Phelan Daniels

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Full name Phelan Daniels
Date of Birth 2494
Parents Thomas and Reginia Daniels
Siblings Only Child.
Spouse Mia Daniels
Children Hope & Tommy
Assignment Dark Star Security
Specialization Pilot
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair brown/brown
Height and Weight 6' 170 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information
  • home school
  • Primary school on Shadow
Military Service
  • Independant Fighter Corp.
Employment History
  • Red Angel
  • Laverna
  • Guan-Yin II
  • White Star
  • Mustang
  • UDC
  • Darkstar (current)


Phelan Daniels stands at six foot tall. He's naturally a lean built man. His muscles bulking him up to keep him from being considered lanky. His pale skin betrays his years as a spacer plying the verse and perhaps an Irish ancestor. His brown hair is cut short with a part but usually a bit on the mused side. Phelan's brown eyes the shade of milk chocolate. Just the beginnings of crow's feet are forming at the corner of his eyes. His noise is a bit on the hawkish side but he has a strong cleft chin and full lips. Laugh lines forming at the corner of his mouth when he smiles. He's clean shaven or rather he's regularly has a five o'clock shadow but no full beard.

He wears a blue and white check pearl snap shirt all but the the top two snaps of the shirt done. The tail of the shirt has been forgotten to be tucked in or left that way on purpose. The sleeves of the shirt often rolled up to the elbows. Under the pearl snap shirt is a white t-shirt . Daniels wears a pair of faded boot cut blue jeans. A brown leather belt keeps his jeans pulled up with a oval shaped brass cowboy belt buckle with a stallion rearing stamped into it. A brown gun belt criss crosses his other belt and on his right hip a holstered slipshot 44 hangs on his hip. Brown leather ties tie the holster to his hip. He wears a pair of brown cowboy boots. The cowboys boots commonly called roper, the heel not quit as tall and the toes rounded to allow for a bit easier to run.


Phelan was born on the Lonesome Gods, a Fire Fly, out in the 'verse. He was the son of a freight captain, Thomas and his navigator, Regina. Thomas was probably Gina senior by 15 years. Both of his parents came from good God fearing, ranch folks from Shadow. They were good and loving parents. They tried to raise Phelan in a good life and they taught him how to protect himself from the bad. They weren't rich but they made sure he wasn't neglected. Phelan learned to fly almost after he learned to walk. He spent most of his early years on ship bounce around the 'verse or spending time on horseback on one fo his grandfathers’ ranches. That's at least what he remembers.

The war of Impedance broke out when Phelan was 13. His parents and thier crew went to flying supplies for the Independents. Phelan got dropped dirt side with some family on Shadow when his parents decided it was too dangerous. Then Phelan’s parents and their crew was caught by the Alliance and killed as spies. The Lonesome God was confiscated at the time. Phelan joined the brown coats lying about his age at around 15, not long before the bombing of Shadow. His piloting skills lead to him started flying as a fighter pilot. He flew with a squadron know as the Black Widows but most of this activity at this time isn’t known but he was believed to had the rank of Lieutenant and an Ace.

At 17, the Brown Coats laid down arms and Phelan found himself without a cause or a home. He went back to the one thing he knew flying freights. Since then he’s done all types of work from legal to the illegal, bouncing from crew to crew and looking for a place to call home.

Random Info About Phelan

  • Reads Louis Lamour Novels
  • Listens to Earth that Was Rock and Roll especially Lead Zepplin
  • Talks to the Ship like she's a woman when flying.
  • Makes the Perfect Cup of Coffee
  • Has an autographed pin-up of Phoenix Lixx in his footlocker
  • Hates needles and shots