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Full name Odell Malika
Date of Birth Thu Jul 12 21:04:47 2498
Parents *birth* Deceased, {step] Mother, Adelia. Father, Jerimia.
Siblings None
Spouse Erin Ashley Malika
Assignment Captain/CEO Dark Star Security Company
Gender Male
Status Active
Education Information

college level

Military Service

Alliance trained (semi-booted from basic.), Had some alliance training before being expelled for reasons that are classified, at which point Odell joined up with mercenaries to finish his training.

Personal Notes

Children: Erica Rose, Ella lea and Owen Scott Malika



Odell is dressed more for military action today, a Dark turtleneck shirt comes up just under his chin, as it expands over his broad six foot three frame. The shirt comes down to his wrists, and end in a pair of tough skinned gloves with pads on the underside for better gripping. At his waist is a broad belt with a dark buckle securing the heavy Denim black combat pants with several pockets. The legs of the pants are covering some heavy Duty black combat boots and all the buckles and lacing have been painted black to keep any shine down to an absolute minimum. The soles of his boots, look like they've been reinforced and very sturdy.

Odell's is married to Erin Ashley Malika. They have three adorable children, twin girls. Erica Rose, Ella Lea and Owen Scott. Who are the loves of their lives. In most recent history, Odell worked for the Helios Grand Hotel, while Erin worked for Book Memorial Hospital while also helping their friend Zachary on board his ship the Shu Chang. More recently, however, Odell spear headed the formation of the Dark Star Security Company and the purchase of a Dragonfly class ship. With the advice of long time friend, Kirsten O'Dowd and investment start-up help (and serving now as CSO/XO) of Cal d'Narvose, the ship and company are up and running.

Distinguishing Marks

RP Logs

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