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This is OOC information.
Information detailed here is for OOC uses only.
Full name Namydim Jay Oakleaf
Date of Birth 12 Dec 2500
Birthplace Hera
Parents Michelle and Hirald Oakleaf
Siblings None
Spouse Separated
Children None
Assignment Chief Security Pathfinder
Specialization Recon & Combat
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel, Brown
Height and Weight 300-330 Lbs, 6'1
Status Active
Education Information

Finished High School, left College for the war

Military Service

Former Corporal in the 10th Brigade, 82nd armored Reconnaissance Battalioon, Company B

Employment History

Independent's Army -Previous
Several Security Position at museums and other low key places- Previous


Namydim is a fat yet muscular man with a pot belly and a taste for the fine wines. Hazel eyes (can change to green or brown), brown hair, often seen with a beard but occasionally clean cut, or often when shaving he will leave himself with a neatly trimmed mustache. He has tanned arms and face. He also has a tendency to be wearing jeans, boots, and sun glasses; and will typically have a Brown Duster hiding a chest holstered side arm; and a simple ball-cap for what may be considered as social areas; though when in areas of his duty he will typically be wearing black pants, brown duster, a side holstered side arm; and a riffle. He will still be wearing sun glasses and maybe a hat during these moments. AT all times he will have his crucifix about his neck; and his clockwork wrist watch with his right wrist.


Before the war, Namydim took a fancy to a woman about five years older then he; who was of Germanic decent, and as such Namydim took to German in his schooling in an attempt to impress her in courtship. Unfortunately for Namydim, this woman ended up getting engaged with someone else; though he finished his studies in the hopes to draw her anyway. Once she was married though, he had moved on.

After the war, Namydim found himself heart broken. He could not see surrendering to the Alliance yet he was forced to. He became a bit of a loner for a while; though the lonely nights... and the nightmares of the 10th brigade practically disintegrating before his very eyes has left Namydim a nervous wreck. He suffered a shrapnel wound to the right forearm, which caused him to need to rely on his left arm for quite a while. By time his right arm had healed he was fairly competent with the use of his left hand as well.

About five years after the war he managed to do a bit of an about face; regaining momentum in the social aspects of life. He came close to getting married three times to three different women, but each time the fiancé would leave him; tired of the flash backs. Namydim spent quite a bit of time drinking, and bar hopping, wallowing in his woes and slowly building up a tolerance for the beverage. Even after he had gained control of his emotional complications, he had become so attached to the drinking that he continued and thus needing more and more of the beverage to get a buzz. Though he can stop himself before he gets the tipsy feeling, he tends to need that one last glass of wine or shot of scotch out of habit to feel his comfort zone.

To fund his drinking habits, Namydim committed himself to security jobs; the last one was watching over a museum of cultural arts. He takes a bit of joy in history; though the particular subject matter bored him and he left the job, looking for something more... in his eyes, productive towards the lines of regaining the Independence of Hera and her old allies of the Brown Coats. Also, Namydim suffers an allergy to Soy, which makes his stool a bit hard to pass, and in too much quantity has given him the sweats, even a fever. At one point in his life he suffered from a severe allergic reaction that put him in the hospital, with trouble breathing.

Who's Namydim

Namydim stands on a moral code that sometimes perplexes even himself; he does not like theft or murder.. Of those other then the Alliance. At one point to Namydim, anyone who is was not a brown shirt was of the Alliance. He considered the Alliance to be the enemy and thus it is not murder or theft to him; but killing the enemy before the enemy kills you... and acquiring supplies, and preventing the enemy from using those supplies. There are certain situations though that Namydim will not stand for even against an enemy. He does not stand for rape (incidentally; I don’t either so please don’t even rp this with me…), torture, or the like. Namydim is also a religious man and thus appreciates the company of a preacher.

More recently Namydim has relaxed his utter hatred of the Alliance, though he still holds a difference between murder and killing for the job… or theft and acquisition of enemy supplies… he has finally accepted that the war… for the most part, is over or at least dormant.

Namydim's Motto

"Team with the right, even if not the best. Lead by example, learn from your enemies. Never leave a team member alone!"

Namydim's Alignment

Namydim aligns himself with the view that he feels is “Good”, but he is also aligned with the Pathfinder and its crew and Captain.