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~Mastering others is strength, Mastering yourself makes you fearless.~ Lao Tzu

~A positive attitude may not solve all your problems but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.~ Monk Gyatso

~"A hacker is a revolutionary, and there is no more revolutionary or subversive act than to become educated." ~ No Name, 2600 18:1

Dr. Matitie Reinhart
Mati dr1.jpg
Full name Adelheid Victoria Reinhart, D.Engr.
Nicknamed: Matitie, Mati, Dot
Date of Birth November 30, 2503
Birthplace Persephone
Parents Papa: Franz Joseph Reinhart
Mama: Elizabeth Reinhart (nee: Rosenpher)
Siblings 9 brothers:
Marc - Fought for the Independents
Franz - Fought for the Independents
Vikor - Fought for the Independents
Hanz - Fought for the Alliance
Richard - Fought for the Alliance
George - Sympathetic to Independents
Fredrick - Sympathetic to Independents
Gustov - Sympathetic to Independents
Charles - Sympathetic to Independents
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Assignment Engineer
Specialization Engineer: 7 different systems, Pilot, Trade, Buddhism, Martial Arts, Repair, Computers
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark Chocolate Brown
Height and Weight 5'8" / 130 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

University of Ariel: Engineering division 2521-2522.:
On the job training: 2508-present
University of Ariel:
Bachelor in Science/Engineering 2529-2530
Masters in Engineering 2529-31
Doctorate in Engineering 2531-33

  • English
  • Chinese
  • German
  • Sign Language
Employment History

August 2529 - Present: Steel Dragon Engineer - Engines
October 2528 - August 2529: Director of Educational Activities at the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital & Engineer of the Shu Chang
September 2528: Training Engineer at the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital
September 2528: Chief Engineer of the Shu Chang
August 2528 to September 2528: Chief Engineer of the Dawn Star
May 2528 - August 2528: Engineer for House Locastra fleet (was assigned to the Tienlong, then the Dauntlass, and the Dawn Star while under house Locastra)
June 2516 - May 2528: Reinhart Mechanics

Personal Notes

Other Notes about Matitie

Good Name Merit - Known for:
*Volunteer at the local Temples
*Started to explore training engineer capable people at homeless shelters
*Inspired the idea for company wide volunteering at temples, churches and homeless shelters
*Mentoring within the company for homeless for a new start in life.

Medical Notes - Allergy to Mold, Insomniac and a Phobia

According to the Myers-Briggs (Jung) Typology test , Mati is an INFJ, commonly known as Counselor.
Introverted: 64% Intuitive: 64% Feeling 80% Judging 64%
Extraverted: 36% Sensing 36% Thinking 20% Perceiving 36%

  • Counselors are introspective, cooperative, directive, and attentive.
  • Strong desire to contribute to the welfare of others; gratified by helping others.
  • Communicate in a personalized manner; positive when dealing with others.
  • Good listeners, detect a person's emotions or intentions before the individual
  • Counselors have intricate personalities and rich inner lives.
  • Understand complex issues/individuals *Counselors value harmony
  • Counselors work well in organizations.
  • Good at consulting and cooperating with others; strive to have an organization run smoothly.
  • Counselors is a barometer of the morale; they enjoy jobs have solitude and close attention.
  • Counselors prefer working behind the scenes rather than a visible leadership position.

Description & Personality

Descripition - She has many looks about her. Mostly hair is braided and in some sort of clothing that allows her to work on the ship easily. (For examples see Pictures below)

Personality - Matitie is a situational kind of gal. Her emotions are well rounded and guided by a moral code. Sometimes the right thing to do in one situation might not be the right thing to do in another. There are 32 shades of gray in the world, defining the situation shows what shade of gray it is and how she should react.

~Personal Quotes~

  • It's not the side of the wrench really, it's how much torque you put into it.
  • Life is like an Engine, you have your big pieces, your little pieces and then the pieces that makes everything go smoothly.
  • I'm sure in a perfect world we'd get what was comin' to us one way or another. I'm glad it's not, so I tend to ride the wave and take what comes.
  • Absence makes the heart grow fonder, except in the Engine. Makes the ship stop dead in the water and your kind of stuck.
  • Warnings are like memos, it might or might not happen if you do it. I always tend to pay more attention to a promise at least THAT you know WILL happen. Unless they are broken, then you know they were a coward to begin with.


Time line

Previously on Serenity

Year of 2528
May *Left home to travel to Greenleaf met Kidd and got hired for Tienlong security. *Survived her first gun fight the the art of ducking and helped field medics. *Has helped as a 'nurse' on the Red Star.

June *Has been promoted to Chief of Engineering on the Tienlong. *Has been reassigned to now Chief of Engineering on the STS Dauntless.

July *Has been reassigned to second Engineer on the Dawn Star. *Has unofficially adopted Tatyana as a sister to her family and Callum as a brother to her family.

August *Has been called a vampire by Frost and Beau *Has unofficially adopted Caprice as sister to her family. *Has grieved at her brother's death Callum and rejoiced Tatyana survived. *Has left the House Locastra. *Has been promoted to Chief Engineer of the Dawn Star.

September *Has left the Dawn Star completely. *Has joined the Shu Chang as Chief Engineer. *Transferred to Derrial Book Memorial Hospital for training on medical equipment.

October *Got into a shoot out in hospital room. *Promoted to Director of Educational Activities at the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital; working with children and adult patients.
Worked are branching out trade classes to local residence (low income and poor) for new careers *Splits times between the Book as Director and the Shu Chang as an Engineer. *Became engaged to Zachary be married.

Year of 2529

March *Zachary called off wedding a month before wedding. *Re-enlisted into the University of Ariel's Engineering program to obtain her B.S. and work on her masters. A new goal is to get her Ph.D. in Engineering.

May *Started vocal and singing lessons. First two songs she has learned are in German and both by Ms. Marlene Dietrich.
"Sei Lieb Zu Mir"(in English "Be Nice To Me") "Bitte Geh Nicht Fort" (in English "Please Don't Go Away")

August *Happily was Caprice's maid of honor and witnessed her sister's wedding. Welcomed Nathalie into the family most most happily. Was approved to intern at Steel Dragon Shipyards and have Sinklar Fist as a mentor for her masters and doctorate work. Was offered a position with in the Steel Dragon Shipyards to continue her education and her trade to be a master engineer. *Started dating again

September *Happily getting help to locate her five brothers that were lost in the war, and chanting for good news. * Continuing her singing and added four more songs to her list. "Somethings Are Meant To Be" and "The Fire Within Me" Based from the musical 'Little Women' from Earth that Was. "The Wizard and I" and "No Good Deed" Based from the musical 'Wicked'.

October *Helped with the clean up and outfitting of the new warehouse from the Steel Dragon Shipyards. And has happily set up a home there. Late October helped to refit a new warehouse and secured an apartment to make Persephone her home.

December *Helped Lirin and Theresa Knapp after a shooting to get them back to the manor. * Graduated from University of Ariel with a Bachelors in Engineering. *Applied for Masters in Engineering and was accepted.

Year of 2530

January *Reunited with her lost five brothers from the war and helped to nurse them back to health thanks to Marquesse I. Calira Dumont for finding them and grateful thanks to Dr. Lirin Dumont-Fist and boss Captain Sinklar Fist; for letting the Reinharts take over the manor for a few weeks. *Started Masters schooling for Engineering.

April *All five brothers have been sent home to Persephone with her parents. Her brothers had all been exonerated from all of their crimes. Franz lost his arm but Frau Lirin replaced it with a cybernetic. Her brothers Hanz and Richard were hired by the Lord High Marshall to work with him in their new posts in honor of their work and dedication. Mati has gone back to work happily and school to work on her masters.

October *Became engaged to be married.

Year of 2531

May *Graduated with her Masters degree in Engineering from the University of Ariel.
June *Applied and was approved for the doctorate program from the University of Ariel.

Year of 2532

  • Happy nothing much more than working on her doctorate and working at the shipyards.

Year of 2533

May *Graduated with her doctorate in Engineering, and was awarded the title of Doctor of Engineering. This has allowed Matitie to put D.Engr. behind her name now; and to be called a doctor. *Single again and enjoying her free time.

  • Inspirational looks from friends

Steampunk Cosplay:
"Black leather Engineer"
"Elegant dress look"
"Afternoon Tea"
"You wanna tussle?"
"Hair picks"

People in and out of Matitie's life

Those that Mati knows --

Those she hasn’t seen in for some time:

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