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If you don’t stand for something, you’ll fall for anything. - Last words from her Father

If you do not dance, then you have no purpose. And we do not keep things here that have no purpose. You see your fight for survival starts right now. You don’t want to be judged, you won’t be. You don’t think you’re strong enough, you are. You are afraid, don't be. You have all the weapons you need. Now Fight!
- Last words from her Mother

Dr. Juniper Renee Emerson, Ph.D.,D.Sc

Full name Dr. Juniper Renee Emerson, Ph.D.,D.Sc
  • Aliases:
    • Junie Emerson
    • Juju Em
    • Call sign: Bad Juju
      • Pvt. Emerson
      • Corporal Emerson
      • Lieutenant Emerson
      • Captain Emerson
      • Bag and Tag Leader
Date of Birth June 3, 2490
Birthplace Shadow
Henry Richard Emerson 2461-2511
(Bombing of Shadow}

Cassandra Agnes nee: Holand 2465-2511
(Bombing of Shadow}


Charles George 2488-2509
(Battle on Verbena)
Helen Emma 2495-2511
(Bombing of Shadow)

Spouse Single
Specialization Computer Engineering, Security, Piloting.
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Strawberry Blond/Red - Blue/Grey
Height and Weight 5'6"
Status Active
Education Information

Mount Lue Elementary on Shadow– 2495-2504
Franklin David High School on Shadow – 2504-2508
University of Londinium – New Oxford:
Bachelors of Science - 2516-2520
Masters of Science - 2520-2523
PhD of Science - 2523-2526

Military Service

Independent Army
Assignment: 57th Rough Coats company
Military Occupation: Sniper
Last Rank: Captain

Employment History

Technological/Bounty Research Director
Bounty Hunter's Guild Systems Administration
Scientist - Research Division - UDC
XO of the Guan-Yin II

Personal Notes

-Medical Note-
2512 - Surgery on eye sockets
Discovered patient suffers from nightmares and insomnia.


  • Junie has many looks however her tell-tale strawberry blond hair with red low lights and blue eyes that change from blue to grey are always the same.
Ever Changing Looks

Personality and Demeanor

  • Junie’s personality is rather in flux. She does remember the happy go lucky girl she once was. She remembers being the hard bitten soldier and a lost woman sitting in a chair blind. The hopeful student with a bright future, the lost woman going solo, the mourning niece realizing she’s alone now. Junie from what I have seen is a woman that is a mixture of many thing and we haven’t seen all of her personality yet.

Character Biography

  • Born and raised on Shadow, in the town called Pigeon Forge.
  • Her father ran a grocery store and a several warehouses for the local formers.
    • Emerson’s import and export service was used throughout the Georgia system to get food and supplies to the surrounding planets.
  • Junie took to computers like a second language.
  • The Emersons a close knit family, and the Emerson children were known through the town as the 'Three Stooges'
  • Excellent student in grade and high school; known to be in drama club.
  • Entered war after graduation of high school
    • Battle of Greenleaf - Rank: Private - Met mentor Paladin. Given call sign: Juju (Bad Juju)
    • Battle of New Kasmi - Rank: Corporal - Skill of sniping was discovered assigned to 54th B&T squad
    • Battle of Beaumonde - Rank: Corporal - Lost brother in battle, shot several times, recovered and took brother's body home to bury
    • Battle of Newhall - Rank: Corporal
    • Battle of Verbena - Rank: Battle commission to Lieutenant - put in charge of the 45th Red Eagle
    • Battle of Beaumonde - Rank: Lieutenant
    • Battle of Du Khaug - Rank: Promoted to Captain - Lost mentor Paladin, put in charge of 75th Rough Coats company
    • Battle of Serenity Valley - Rank: Captain - Shot by former mentor, captured by Alliance, tortured and released after unification day.
  • Given to Aunt and Uncle on Londinium to recover. Received prosthetics
  • Went to University of Londinium: New Oxford for her Bachelors, Masters and Ph.D in computers.

Going into the Black


  • December - Arrived on Persephone, met up with old friend and meeting new ones. * Hired into the Bounty Hunter's Guild as a director of technology and bounty research director. * Survived the battle on APC-088 Penal Moon.


  • March - Joined the UDC as a scientist for their research division.


The Look of Junie

Wartime Juju
Workouts are a bitch
Doctor of Computers

The Music of Junie