Jacob Storn

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~I spend all my money on women and booze, the rest I waste.~ Personal Motto
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Full name Jacob Allen Storn
Date of Birth February 13, 2493
Birthplace Persephone
Parents Joshua and Aida Storn
Siblings None
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Assignment Technician
Specialization Engineer:Repair Specialist, Computers, Security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue / Strawberry Blonde
Height and Weight 6'3" / 260 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

Primary Education in Persephone Public Schools: 2498-2506
Secondary Education in Persephone Public Schools: 2506-2509
Independent Training:2510-2511

  • English
  • Chinese
Military Service

Independent Army (Browncoat): 2510 - 2511

Employment History

Steel Dragon Shipyard: Current
Tsukai No Inari - Head Engineer
Red Deuce - Engineer


  • Jacob Storn was born on Persephone to Joshua and Aida Storn. His father worked for an independent shipyard repair spaceships after an uneventful tour of duty with the Alliance Navy. Aida worked for a local college in the engineering program teaching math. Coming from a blue collar family, Jacob's parents assumed that he would settle down and work at the shipyard like his father to afford college as a brilliant engineer. Jacob began hacking, got himself into a little bit of trouble and ran off to join his cousin Rammoc Abrien fighting with the Independents. After the war, he has roamed around doing odd jobs on ships. Jacob is blue collar, tends to be no-nonsense with his job. He was afforded every scholastic advantage his parents could offer while growing up. He got bored really quickly with school and the learning programs the Alliance dictated for schooling. This is when he began to use the computer his family gave him to find his excitement. Digging around data bytes and files in the midnight hours while his parents were sleeping, he learned a great deal about the cortex and how data flowed in and out of it. His luck continued to hold while he finished high school early and prepared for college. Jacob soon got greedy with his new found freedoms and broke into the local bank's computer system stealing $6,000 credits to upgrade his aging computer system. While he thought he had gotten away with it, the local police force began to question students in his dorm, and only a narrow leap out of the fire escape got him away in time.
  • Jacob joined Rammoc who was an officer in a Special Forces unit for the Independents. The young and idealistic engineer spent most of his time trying to keep the units old and nearly unspaceworthy transport in the Black. He picked up some other skills along the way when the unit needed to bring along technical help on infiltrations. He doesn't consider himself a hero, but simply a wheel in the cog that tried to help shed light on the problems in the Alliance.
  • After the war, Jacob laid low living off small jobs here and there. His unassuming appearance has so far allowed him to escape notice of the authorities. He took a job in a rundown base fixing starship engine for the right amount of credits to keep financing his electronics fascination. This led eventually to talking to his cousin again. The boredom grew and the itch for excitement he felt in the war started growing, and that job Rammoc offered to keep a ship patched up for portion of the profits lured him out of his retirement and back into a dangerous game, Life.


  • Red Deuce - Captain Rammoc Abrien

Rammoc brought his younger cousin on the Red Deuce to be his head engineer. The pairing of the two cousins was a rather unique one; as one uptight and angry at the 'Verse while the other was easy going and slightly nerdy had been a definite contrast. The rest of the motley crew were able to keep the ship going until Rammoc got a brain aneurysm caused him to have a stroke and pass away. This moved him deeply and Roxana Delos remains his only one friend still left from this crew after they went their separate ways.

After the passing of his cousin, Jacob Storn wandered aimlessly and lived off what credits he had accumulated from his time on the 'Deuce. This of course did not help his depression and living as a hedonist costs a lot. He went to the XO of the Inari, his old commanding officer during his time of the war, Morgain Kygaran and was hired as the assistant technician. Not too long after he joined the crew, Captain Keizai was captured by some previous enemies. Left with no one else to take the helm, Captain Kygaran brought the Inari out of the ashes and the ship prospered for a while with a close knit family. Jacob soon became the head engineer and life seemed great. This of course came to a crashing halt when one of his crewmates, Cara, was a random victim of a terrorist bombing on Paquin. Jacob gathered up his gear and ventured into the field one more time, with his Captain and joined up with a unified team to strike the cabin the terrorists were holed up. This day lives for infamy to Jacob, as he considers it his fault. The cabin was wired and trapped to blow completely sky high should someone come near. Jacob made it nearly halfway to the cabin trying to get close enough to disarm the bomb and his large booted foot caught a wire and sent the terrorists inside and the teams to the hospital from the explosion. He was lucky to have lived and had a great doctor on the ship to keep him with the full use of his leg. However he completely lost the hearing in his right ear. While possible to get this fixed, he doesn't as a reminder of that day and how far some people will go. It was after the death of Cara and the failed attempt to deal out revenge properly on the terrorists, Morgaine and Jacob both become a little more drawn in. This especially was true for Jacob who became more like the veteran he used to be and less like the fun loving man he really is. Morgaine came down with a mysterious illness and passed away, leaving Jacob in flux. He stayed on for a while with the crew as they appointed another captain and continued but felt he couldn't go on without two of the most important people in his late teens and early twenties, Morgain Kygaran & Rammoc Abrien.

After he left the Tsukai No Inari, Jacob took on some work with Black Wolf Enterprises, got his record cleared enough to carry a weapons permit, and after leaving BWE, even joined on as an investigator for Persephone's prosecutor. Neither of these positions held his interest very long. Jacob has pretty much stayed on Persephone since leaving BWE. He wandered aimlessly doing odd jobs and living off the compassion of some female friends he met along the way. He finally saved up enough money with the help of his current romantic interest; a lawyer named Carmen and built a small cabin at Lake Serenity where he planned on fully retiring. To afford his home, he took a job working at the Steel Dragon Shipyard. While this job isn't as exciting as what he was once used to, it pays his meager bills and lets him do what he does best and work on ships. It is very interesting that he started life with his family's assumption he would work at a shipyard and Persephone, and after traveling the 'Verse, fighting in a war, and other various odd jobs this is exactly where his mid-thirties have found him.