Hanging Around In Bars

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Hanging Around In Bars
Location: Log_Location:: IC Date: Log_IC_Date::2541/08/23 OOC Date: Log_OOC_Date::2017/10/11
Characters: Has Characters in Scene::Jia, Has Characters in Scene::Kyoshiro, Has Characters in Scene::Zank, Has Characters in Scene::Faoite McGuire, Has Characters in Scene::Willow Merryweather
Summary: Log_Short_Summary::
Log_Characters::Jia, Kyoshiro, Zank, Faoite McGuire, Willow Merryweather

Zank has decided the he and probably the crew needs a night out. Not to drink sorrows away. Even if they are at a bar but to blow off steam. play pool, cards or darts. Drink, y'all and eat. He found local pub and made his way there if the crew followed his lead or not he's there and already playing a game of pool with some local dock workers it all seems friendly. <English>

Kyoshiro pops some money into the jute-box machine and chooses a few song which start soon after he walks away. He picks a booth in the corner and against the wall, pulling out his Datapad and a fresh Cigar. No booze for him. He prefers a quiet night tonight. First song: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XiIwbo3qXu0 <English>

McGuire follows his captain to the dive and grins as they enter, "We getting drunk Lines? Last bar we were in had coffee. I don't smell any coffee, in fact, I smell the tolets through their doors." He looks at Zank before looking at Kyo who has made himself to home. He grins wider and walks up to the bar, "Think we'll get in trouble by my guard for this?" <English>

Zank grins looking at Fao. "Probably unless she cares to join us. Hell guard or not she's crew at this point" he says looking over at Kyo. He lets the man have his booth. "as for Coffee they might have Irish coffee" he laughs <English>

Kyoshiro continues to sit and listen to the song while swipping at his datapad silently. The song is long and goes from slow almost agnoizingly so doom rifts to fast and two stepping thrash rampage. The lyrics are grusome and MAcabre. <English>

McGuire steps up to the bar, "Coffee, black." The bartender narrows his eye's, "Four credits." Fao looks estonished, "For something you serve drunks for free when they are to smashed to walk out of here?" The bartender nods, "Four credits." Fao pulls out the credits and pays ten, "Make me a fresh pot." <English>

Zank goes back to his game of pool. He lines up the shot as fires the cue ball across the table into a stripped ball. it misses the pocket and Zank grunts. He looks at Kyo and just grins and looks to Fao. "Don't give the man to much grief Fao" he says grinning <English>

The next song is something more traditional and folky. Caroline by Bearfoot : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kaWv9GLS6Y <English>

McGuire gets his cup of coffee and turns to Kyo, "Playing some old songs there Mibu. Feeling meloncoly?" He askes as he moves to the pool table and looks for a stick. <English>

Zank watch's as his opposition lines up his own shot. The two men are about even on balls sunk on the holo table. Even if they do fade from existence every few minutes. A small pile of credits sits at the end of the table. The winner take. it doesn't look more than 25 credits. "So" the man says "We're y'all coming in from" Zank smirks "Boros regions. one of it moons took some stuff to Paquin and back around yea" The man huffs "Boros....place was nasty not to long ago...ya see any of what happened" Zank Nods "saw enough" he says "wasn't my worry only the cargo" he lies. <English>

"Maybe..." Kyoshiro says with a shrug and a toke from his Cigar. Next comes Achilies Last Stand by LEd Zepplin. "Or Maybe I just like different types of music." <English>

McGuire says to Kyo, "Got a good selection going. Not complaining." He turns to the game and can see a win in four shots, but keeps such things to himself as he is not playing. <English>

Kyoshiro nods but dosn't say anything more. Of course he's feeling down. He dosn't know where his wife is. He's away from his family who he just spent over a year or two spending time away with to defeat a great evil from the 'verse.... and now he was here. The next song is So Deep by Kiezsa <English>

The man fires his shot and sinks the ball. Zank sighs. The other man speaks "Well heard it was a war zone like the old war." Zank shrugs "wouldn't know" he says watching the table. "What about the city after that virus broke city seems to be healing" The man nods "Slowly getting back to normal" <English>

Fao was right 4 moves later and the game ends with Zank the loser. He shakes his head and lets the man take the money "thanks for your Money" The man says "Any time Dillon" Zank says apparently knowing the man "Be safe alright and tell Helios I own him" he says grinning "I'll see what I can do." The man turns and leaves with his prize. Zank joins Kyo at the table "anything new in the cortex? We big huge hero's yet. They mention the part I got shot out of a rail gun?" he asks chuckling <English>

"Nothing yet..." Kyoshiro says flipping through the pages on the datapad. Likely intelligence reports from the Fifth Division. Likely all reguarding his wife. Which they probably havn't found a trace of. "But if you want the noteriety, could just ask for an interview." <English>

Zank laughs shaking his head "nah just a fun story...you know I hate camera's make me look fat an old" he says grinning "anything on Vanessa?" he asks his face turning serious a second. <English>

"You are Fa-.... Old..." Kyoshiro says with a blink before looking down at his pad. "Nothing... it's like she vanished into thin air. There was that video of her getting traped in a crate, then that crate getting moved but... that's it." <English>

Zank narrows his eyes then relaxes "I'll get the network looking" he says <English>

Kyoshiro didn't pry into Zank's underground buisness too much. Though he had been in their presnce a few times and knew several Roma were involved. He gives a nods in thanks and understanding but dosn't have much else to say. <English>

There's the sounds of a fracas, a bit of a brouhaha, from in the alleyway next to the bar. Like someone is meeting something rather unexpected. And violent. Entirely unconnected from any such occurrence (yeah, right), Willow comes through the door, idly pulling a pair of gloves from her hands to tuck them behind her belt. Katanas included. Peace-tied, though. Not that it would be challenging for her to use them even so. <English>

Kyoshiro keeps idley swipping his finger over the datapad. "Here comes trouble..." He says just a bit before Willow comes down the stairs. <English>

Zank turns and looks towards the noise. He waits and raises an eyebrow as Willow appears. He raises an arm signaling to the women. "nice entrance." he says <English>

Kyoshiro comments, "Makes you think we're in a T.V. Show..." His single eye loks up from the pad and stares past the 180 mark for a moment before looking back down to the pad. <English>

A look is graced to Kyoshiro and then to Zank, and she inclines her head towards the pair of them. She walks over towards their booth, then raises an eyebrow slightly. "What entrance would that be?" she asks, feigning obliviousness. Mostly because she can. <English>

Zank grins and gestures for her to sit. "a very fashionable one I ment...though I think someone's face probably looks less so." he says <English>

Kyoshiro glances over to Willow, "Whoever you turned into a pretzel up there..." He nods to some of the people in the bar starring at her, "We all heard it..." <English>

Tilting her head to one side, she regards each of them, and then she quirks a bit of a smile. "Someone's face?" she inquires, then tsks softly. "I do try so very hard not to mess up people's faces," she confides, winking at them. She pointedly ignores the stares for a long moment, then glances sidelong towards a couple of the bar's patrons. "It's not -my- fault that some people have no concept of what the word 'no' means when I smack their hand off my ass," she comments, wrinkling her nose. <English>

Kyoshiro grumbles and focuses more on his reading. "Fair enough..." <English>

Zank just stairs a second "very much noted" he says looking back to his drink "we were just recounting me getting shot out of a rail gun and how they totally missed that exciting tale on the cortex" he laughs <English>

A moment is spent to study each of the men in turn. "I'm not a violent person. He'll survive. I didn't break any bones," she points out, raising an eyebrow slightly. Then she lifts a hand to gesture towards Zank. "As much as you might want that story to get out there, I doubt any of the news channels will ever pick it up and run it. They want to put the evil of Legion away, close the chapter on it. The sorts of things they'll cover now will be things like that candlelight vigil that was held," she comments, lifting a shoulder in a slight shrug. <English>

"It depends on what news network you go to." Kyoshiro says with a shrug. <English>

Zank chuckles "yea I know an like I told Kyo don't like the spot light anyway" he say chuckling "just a fun story" he sighs "besides folks that matter already know" he laughs <English>

"So... what sorts of no good could it be said that we're up to tonight?" Willow asks, quirking a smile as she looks at each of them. "I've never been a fan of the spotlight. Too terribly bright for my liking," she comments, a smile coming to her features. <English>

"So write a book, make some money. Or a script for a Cortex Drama..." Kyoshiro says to Zank, "Use a Penname to avoid the spotlight." He looks to Willow, "Im just sitting here looking over reports." <English>

Zank sighs "I lost money on a pool game...not ever night is a bar brawl...well maybe expect for your....hand slapping." he says with a grin. "But all in all actually was the first quiet night for us in a long time..." he says <English>

"Reports. That has a sort of gruesome note to it," Willow says, wrinkling her nose slightly. Then she raises an eyebrow slightly as she looks to Zank. "Every bar, nearly, has a brawl within it that is simply waiting to happen. It tends to take the right spark, the right catalyst, and away it goes. Though I would have to admit, there is naught wrong with a quiet night," she comments, giving a nod. <English>

Kyoshiro looks to Willow, "Intelligence Reports..." He informs. <English>

Zank looks at Willow "Vanessa...Iv had some of my contacts start looking as well" he says takeing a sip <English>

The redheaded woman snorts softly and mutters to herself in a foreign language. "Bastards," she finishes, in english then. "I've been scouring for information and coming up without a single piece. Which leads me to believe there might be bigger fish to fry here," she comments, displeased. <English>

Kyoshiro takes a deep breath and turns off his datapad, putting it away. He scoots out of the booth and stands, putting his now low down cigar into the ash tray before fishing out another and lighting it. He looks kind of upset. "You two have a good night." He moves past them and to the exit without another word. <English>