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news Firefly

Firefly Class Transport
Craft Firefly Class Transport
Type Multi-purpose Transport
Scale Transport
Length 191 Feet
Wing Span 128 Feet
Height 53 feet
Crew Up to 17
Shuttles Up to 2
Consumables 4 weeks
Max. Cargo 400 Tons + MULE
Cost 17,000 (used) 28,000 (new)
Nav. Computer Yes
Fuel Load 500 tons
Turn Rate 5 degrees/sec
Speed 700 (1400 afterburn)
Parts List
Reactor Camdon Powerplant, Garrett L-88 Reactor
Engine Camdon TX4 Drive, Garrett A4 Plasmadrive
Thruster Camdon Thrust Pack, Garrett T-6 Trusters
Sensor Garmin Sensor Pack, Blue Sun:Optics Pack
Comm Garmin Telcomm, Blue Sun:LogicReach
Computer Garmin Everlast Computer
Firefly Class Transport