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Esther (Skippy)
New Esther.jpg
Full name Esther Marie O'Donald
Date of Birth March 31, 2502
Spouse Hase "Conoger" O'Donald
Children Grant (5/7/24) Deceased

Stephen (10/12/26)

Sarai (11/17/34)

Shalom (6/11/38)

Assignment Captain of Aces and Eights

Owner of Twilight Sanctuary

Captain of 'Division Zero' of the Churara

Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark Brown
Height and Weight 5'7, 130lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Home schooled through grade school then the Alliance Academy


Before you stands the form of a rather strong Latina woman in her mid-thirties. She is physically fit, tone, and strong without loosing femininity. As she turns to look to you, her eyes are a dark deep brown, almost black in color. Her hair is growing, having dipped down past her ears and a strand seems to constantly be in her face. The previously blonde hair has now been dyed a rich, natural, dark red tone. It almost gives her the look of autumn when the red contrasts against the light brown hues of her skin. Her lips are full and rather expressive along with the rest of her facial features. She is on the taller end of average height for a woman, her figure well proportioned and generously blessed in curves only where women prefer to have curves.



Esther's personality is complex. It seems she has a few different sides to her, different situations calling for different aspects. On the whole, she is a stoic and quiet woman. She is private and tends to keep to herself. She is fiercly loyal to those around her and takes on the task of protecting them at all costs. She loves to smile and laugh. She loves music and dance, even if she is a poor singer and dancer. However, of late with the incresingly growing pain of loss after loss, she is becomming more and more introverted except to those closest to her or those she trusts completely.

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