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Esther (Skippy)
Full name Esther Marie Gomez
Date of Birth March 31, 2502
Siblings Silve
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Dark Brown
Height and Weight 5'7, 130lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Home schooled by parents


A strong feminine form stands before you. Her golden brown skin's natural tone indicates her hispanic heritage. Long raven waves spill down her shoulders, though chopped at various lengths to show layers. The longest portion of hair goes just below her shoulder blades, while the shortest of layers are just below her ears. Dark ebon eyes turn to look to you from underneath long bangs of the raven hair. The eyes are serious, intense, and to those that don't know her, she looks pissed. One thing an observant person would have noticed of her is matching scars that wrap around both of her wrists. They appear to be burns of some kind so deep that even the best of medicine could not erase the scaring.


Esther's personality is complex. It seems she has a few different sides to her, different situations calling for different aspects. On the whole, she is a stoic and quiet woman. She is private and tends to keep to herself. She is fiercly loyal to those around her and takes on the task of protecting them at all costs. She loves to smile and laugh. She loves music and dance, even if she is a poor singer and dancer. However, of late with the incresingly growing pain of loss after loss, she is becomming more and more introverted except to those closest to her or those she trusts completely.

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