Corin Anders

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Corin Anders
Full name Corin Anders
Parents deceased
Siblings 1 Brother, (deceased)
Assignment XO, Red Angel
Specialization Jack of all trades
Gender Male
Status Active
Employment History


Corin Anders was born on Hera in the late summer of 2485. He lived on Hera for only a short time before his Father moved their family to Persephone. He and his mother got along very well, and he was quite close to her. She taught him of the worlds and worldly things, while his father taught him of business and the value of a man's word. Corin was an only child and so was never wanting for the attention of his parents. His father was killed when his passenger ship was destroyed by an Alliance Carrier and his mother died of a illness not a year later. Corin joined the Independents after the death of his father and returned home only long enough to tend to the burial of his mother. When he returned he was sent along with his unit back to his homeworld of Hera.

During the war, Corin was a member of the Independent Conbat Aviation Regiment. A skilled pilot, it did not take long for him to rise through the ranks. In change of his own flight of pilots, he attained the rank of Major and was during the latter parts of the war on the top 10 most wanted list by the Alliance High Command for the devestation that raids conducted by his pilots were responsible for. It was some weeks later, after this posting for his head was made that Corin was shot down, flying a casuality evacuation. He was captured by the Alliance and held as a POW. Upon finding out who he was, the Alliance went about torturing Corin for information. He was subjected to sever mental and physical abuses. His mind was ransacked by the Alliance psycological technicians. His identity was stripped away and another, carefully created pseudo-self was implanted over the remains of Corin's mind. The next moring, he awoke in a hospital bed, instead of a cell. He looks around, confused, not remembering being here, being hurt.. nothing. But this morning was differnt, his name was different, his memories were different. Corin Anders was a surpressed bundle of memories now, Lance Matthews, Commander in Alliance Special Operations, was laying in a hospital bed. He waged war, under this new personal, imposed upon him by the Alliance for many months. One after noon, a shocking sight, one of his old soldiers was brought in for questioning, recognizing Lance as Corin, the pilot called out to him, pleaded with him to save her life, to keep them away from her. She broke free of her guards and ran to Lance, a single round hit her in the back and she collapsed into his arms, dying. She looks up at Lance and said. "Corin, please." and she died, right there. Shaken to his very soul, Lance returned to his quarters. Elsewhere, the shocking ordeal set wheels in motion, their expirament a success, the Alliance no longer needed Lance, and another Sleeper, made in the same fashion as Lance was sent to see him. The man had orders to kill Lance and he nearly did. Lance was just a bit faster though, two rounds were fired, but only one shot was heard. Jacob, the other Sleeper, fell dead to the floor. Lance was struck just over his left eye by a glancing bullet strike. He was knocked unconscious and when he came to, he had no idea what had happened. Who he was, or who the dead man was. All he did know was that there was a pistol in his hand and there was blood everwhere. He fled.

Lance evaded capture and took a job on a ship called the Spitfire, captained by a man named Valarius. He made friends there, even meeting a woman he would fall in love with and later marry, though their relationship would disintegrate some time later. After almost a year of working on the Spitfire, and plagued with horrific and terrifying nightmares a twist of fate occured. During a rescue mission, helping the crew odf a ship that was attacked by Reavers, Lance was badly injured in a grenade blast. The concussion was, it seems, all his latent mind was waiting for in order to reemerge. Lance went onto that ship, but Corin came back from it. He woke, still retaining a majority of his memories and expirences as Lance, but now recalling his past life as Corin Anders. He left his ship, in search of the men who had done this to him. He found them and he killed them, one by one. After this was complete and he was satisfied that no one else was looking for him, he took a job on the Red Angel, where he is to this day. Corin bought himself a C314 Skyhook scout ship, letting the Angel use her as a shuttle in exchange for docking permissions. His adventures on the Red Angel have been many, taking him from his first job as Ops Officer, to the position of Security Chief, until now, where is the XO of the ship. The Angel is his home, the crew his family. Join her, and you become one of them. Threaten them, and you'll face a fury of the likes you've never beheld before.

Corin's more recent chapter is the marriage to Doctor Elizabeth Emila Conrad. The wedding took place on a small private island on Newhall, where the couple has their home. Capiana Island is still open to the public however and it is not uncommon to run across Liz and Corin out and about should you find time to visit their sanctuary.

Some years after their marriage, Liz and Corin grew apart and Liz decided to leave Corin. They now pursue their own adventures, but Corin's time with Liz is among his fondest memories and his grandest of adventures. Stop by Quick Draw Outfitters on Persephone some time, or visit the Red Angel... Corin is still around and who knows what more adventure lies ahead.