Brady Childers

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Brady Childers
Full name Bradford James Childers
Siblings Tasha
Spouse Brielynn Margolis
Assignment Chief of Security, Red Angel
Specialization Weapons, Martial Arts
Gender Male
Status Active
Education Information


Employment History


Brady Childers was born on Persephone to a loving family. Unfortunately, just before the start of the war, his father was killed in an accident. Growing up, Brady had to take the man's role and take care of his family, which he managed to do rather successfully.

Red Angel

Soon after Brady joined the Bounty Hunter's Guild, he found a position on the Red Angel as an extra gun and a typical crew hand. Through many adventures, dangers, and bloodshed, he came to love the Angel and her crew and there he has remained since he joined. Since joining, Brady has become the Chief of Security, a position which he currently holds. The only ones who have been on the crew longer than Brady are Captain Daniel Wallace, and the XO Corin. During his time on the Red Angel, Brady had the great fortune to work with and fall in love with Brielynn Margolis. After the beautiful Brie joined the crew, it didn't take Brady long to realize that he was in love with her. The two were married after a brief engagement. Their first child, a daughter whom they have named Rebecca, was born shortly after.