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Ariel Arms TZ3R
Ariel Arms TZ3R
Availability: Common
The Ariel Arms TZ3R is a favourite among security services as a backup side arm for security contingents, able to discharge its entire battery pack at once in emergencies. The charge is delivered via two darts launched from the muzzle with 6 metres of thin cabling attached, which recoil automatically after the charge is delivered, leaving the victim with two small marks, hence its 'vampire' nickname. It is a simple stocky square design, roughly the size of other handguns, though it has a black electrically isolated handle with a catch, allowing the spent battery pack to be removed and a new one slotted in safely.
Cost: 125 License: **
Accuracy: 110% Weight: 2kg
Maximum Damage: 8/20/35 Stun points & 4/0/0 Wound points Skills: MA/Sidearms/Sidearms
Modes: Safety/Zap/Overload Range: 2/4/6
Ammo: AABatts(6) Firing Rate: 0/1/6

Please note that the license of the TZ3R has been changed two level 2 on February 22, 2523 (that is July 13, 2008 OOCly)