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<<OOC Knowledge; unless cleared by player first>>

Annunciata Rose Gilroy

Theme song - Hero by Pop Evil
I won't be I won't be your hero
I won't be your superman
Everything I did was for you
Everything you said was a lie
My pain your gain
Who's your hero today?

Full name Annunciata Rose Gilroy
Nicknamed: Ann
Date of Birth August 9, 2504
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Father: Carlo Rodriguez
Mother: Molly Gilroy
Siblings 1 brothers:
Richard Charles Gilroy- Fought for the Independents
Spouse N/A
Children N/A
Assignment Navigation
Specialization Deal negotiation, Computer skills, gun experience, and piloting.
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Black
Height and Weight 5'6" / 125 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

Londinium University of Londinium; Business graduated with a Bachelors 2523.:

Employment History

July 2529 - Member of RLI
March-July 2529 Captain of the Valiant and Manager of Minute nightclub
2528 Pilot on the Valiant ~ Black Wolf enterprises
2524 – 2528 Chief Vice President of Inventory Management of Three Trees
2526-2828 Cargo Master of the ‘Bushwaker’


  • Here's how it is: my life got used up, after my Daddy left me for dead. The crew I was with moved out, and went to another part of the galaxy. I think they went to a core planet rich and flush with new technologies, while I was left on a planet with not so much tech to save my life. So a call went out to the Central Planets, known to some as the Alliance, some thought they waged war to bring everyone under their rule. Grandpa said a few idiots tried to fight it, among them my older brother. I'm Annunciata Gilroy, survivor of the Whitefall shoot out. It was a gun fight outside of the main city with my Daddy and the crew of the ‘Bushwacked’. She's a transport ship, and was a Scarab class. We were a good crew I was a fighter, a pilot, a computer tech and cargo master. We would pick up cargo here and there, smuggle some on the side where I caught my Daddy cheating on my Grandpa’s company. I was on the ship keep a low profile, you get the picture. I’m now disowned from my family and without any funds. If there is a job out there, I can do it, don't much care what it is.
  • Previously on Londinium … I was born to a Carlo Rodriguez and a Molly Gilroy. My grandpa was the head of a mega-corporation on Londinium called the ‘Three Trees’. He didn’t approve of my Mom’s marriage to the ‘free loader’ and took me from them. He had taken my older brother as well years before to raise them as his own. He didn’t trust any of his kids to run his corporation when he was dead so he was going to see if his grandchildren waged any better. I lived in my Mom’s childhood mansion and giving the life my mom had. My parents didn’t argue much since they both worked for grandpa and were happy with their cushy lives. I lived with my cousins and grandma being taught how to run a business from day one. Grandma insisted that we were taught some skills of how to be girls, so I was enrolled in acrobatics and dance. Grandpa insisted we were all taught martial arts, I was talk several forms including Drunken Boxing, Hung Gar, Back Mei Pai and Wing Chun. It was here I learned I was ambidextrous and I had reflexes of lightning. When the war broke out, my brother joined the brown coats. My grandpa’s pride and joy off to fight in a war he couldn’t win. Called my brother an idiot from then on, after the war ended he was never spoken of since. I always wondered what happened to him, with him gone Grandpa focused even more so on me to be his heir to the company. My primary and secondary schooling I was a very good student, I could remember things well enough without having to study further.
  • I was a popular girl and did help with the company’s charity functions making sure the family had a good name though I’ve lost it by being disowned. We would go to the outer planets to help assist in relocation and education programs, I found out here I was allergic to molds and pollen. Its not too bad but I still sneeze at times. I went to the University of Londinium for business and did my four years to achieve a business degree. I graduated at one of the top members of my class and was hired onto Three Trees rather quickly. I was given the position of Vice President of Inventory Management, my mom had since retired. I worked well there for two years and realized we were missing products and cargo manifests. It was little pieces here and there, but I suggested to my Grandpa we investigate.
  • For the next two years, I disappeared. Grandpa said that I was going on sabbatical to write a book and I really was hopping worlds trying to find out where the cargo had gone. I wasn’t a public figure within the company so not many would have known what I look like. I jumped transport to transport learning how to fly, and how to hand guns rather well. Been in a few shoot outs, and have been shot a few times as well. I joined the ‘Bushwacked’ crew about seven months ago and discovered the missing cargo. That my Daddy had been in contact with them and they were stealing the cargo, selling it off and paying Daddy a cut of it. I compiled evidence and sent it to my Grandpa while on Paquin. Grandpa, I heard, fired Daddy on the spot with all the evidence I had compiled. Daddy pissed off flew to Whitefall where we were to have a ‘chat’ with the captain. It was here Daddy pointed me out and that’s were the shoot out began. I held my ground for the most part, though after getting shot in the leg and the upper arm was kind of down. Then the physical beat down began, it was Daddy’s last bullet to my chest that caused people to come running. Thank god for body armor. I fell unconscious and woke up at the Book Memorial three months later.
  • Mom was there, as well as Grandma; seems I had done my job far too well to the point Grandpa had to disown me from the family. Publicly being involved with smuggling, being in many shoot outs was just a bad name for the company and Grandpa could have that. I found out what happened to the ‘Bushwacked’ then and to Daddy. They waited on Persephone until I was healed enough to leave the hospital before parting ways with me. Well healed physically, I still have nightmares of that fight. The nightmares are of being jumped and beaten bloody while screaming for help. The intense feeling of helplessness I had while no way to get out of the fight. No way to dodge the bullets hitting me. Daddy’s face looking down at me as I lay twitching and writhing in pain as he fired the last bullet into me. The nightmares are a vivid recount of that beating, and how I was reduced to almost dead in nothing flat. and that damn thing gave me a phobia. Ladies and Gents, I present agoraphobia, where I’m afraid of places or events where escape is impossible or when help is unavailable. I love panic attacks not! Well Grandma and Mom told me they loved me but they couldn’t give up their lives for me, handed me money and walked away. Oh I’m plenty pissed at Grandpa and the family I plan on giving Grandpa a good slug in the head when I see him next. For now, I need a job, money, a bed to sleep in and time to heal up completely before I go visit Grandpa and discuss just how disappointed I am in him.

Recent Events


  • December

-Got out of the hospital, found out I was disowned and fired from 'Three Trees'; trying to put life back together again with clothes on back and credits in hand. Oh the fun!

-Was hired by Naomi Ida, and Salin Fawzy at Black Wolf E.

  • February 2529

-RLI and BWE merge. Became a pilot for the RLI and promoted to Captain of the Valiant and Manager of the Minute night club.

  • July 2529

-Went to RLI to be a pilot or just floating hand to whatever is needed at the time.


Raised to be business minded, thinking of the bottom line and clear headed about how to further a corporation; she has a bit of sass, slight sense of sarcastic humor and a tiny chip on her shoulder. Right now, her personality seems to be changing and evolving right now.

According to the Myers-Briggs (Jung) Typology test, Ann is an ISTJ, commonly known as Inspector.

Ann's Typology Scores
Introverted: 79% INtuitive: 82% Feeling: 0% Judging: 91%
Extraverted: 21% Sensing: 18% Thinking: 100% Perceiving: 9%

Inspectors are careful and thorough in examining people and institutions. Comprising about 6 to 10 percent of the population, Inspectors are decisive in practical affairs. These guardians of institutions are perhaps best described as dependable: Inspectors are people of their word, intent on preserving social and family values. At home and at work, Inspectors reliably examine the people and products that fall under their responsibility—unobtrusively ensuring uniform quality and demanding that certain standards of conduct are maintained.

In both their professional and personal lives, individuals of this type are rather quiet and serious. Inspectors are extraordinarily persevering and dependable. The thought of dishonoring a contract would appall a person of this type. When they give their word, they give their honor. Inspectors can be counted on to conserve the resources of the institution they serve and bring to their work a practical point of view. They perform their duties without flourish or fanfare; therefore, the dedication they bring to their work can go unnoticed and unappreciated.

While not directly seeking leadership positions, Inspectors are often placed in such roles. They build a reputation for reliable, stable, and consistent performance that inspires others to select them to lead. Inspectors use their past experience and their factual knowledge in their decision making.

For Inspectors, love means commitment, steadiness, and consistency. Inspectors expect themselves and their mates to be responsible, practical, and dependable. When in a relationship, they behave appropriately for what the situation or their role demands. For example, if the relationship is in the courting stage, the Inspector will exhibit courting behaviors, such as giving boxes of candy, red roses, and presents. These are worthwhile and important traditions to uphold and observe because they give direct evidence of commitment.


  • Survivor of a shoot out on Whitefall, this little lady seems to be pretty much on her own. Computer tech, former VP within the Three Circled Knot company, and a pilot; she’s seen much better days. Disowned and left to fend for herself now, she’s looking for work and doing what she can to keep it.

The People

People Relation Company or Ship
  • Best Friend
  • Captain of the Valiant
  • The bosses!
  • RLI
  • Awesome Friends!
  • RLI
  • Co-Workers or Aquantences
  • RLI
  • Former Co-Workers or Bosses
  • Black Wolf that turned into White Tiger

- This is is far from done! -

RP Hooks

  • Born, raised, and educated in Londinium
  • Was with smugglers for two years, and could have run into some of the underworld. (please clear with me prior to rp)
  • Is known at being rather good at computers, holding a gun, martial arts, handling merchandise.
  • More to come as role develops.


"Hero" by Pop Evil
"F**in' Perfect" by P!nk
"Ghost of You" by My Chemical Romance
"Raise Your Glass" by P!nk
"Welcome Home (Sanitarium)" by Metallica
"What I've Done" by Linkin Park
"Crawlin'" by Linkin Park
"Break Stuff" by Limp Bizkit
"Scars" by Papa Roach

A picture is worth a thousand words.

...and *I* aim to misbehave!!