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[[Category:Computer Techs]]
[[Category:Computer Techs]]

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Andrew Owen
Full name Andrew Juan Owen
Date of Birth May 10, 2493
Parents Robert Owen of Bernadette and Ignacia Perez of Lilac
Siblings Sara Owen (25) and Evita Owen (22)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Head Computer Geek, Dark Dragon
Specialization Computer Programming and Engineering
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark green eyes, brown hair
Height and Weight 5'10", medium build
Status active
Education Information

12 years of public schooling, three years of Computer Engineering at New Paris University (degree unfinished), degree in Computer Science from New Paris University, basic Alliance military training, self-taught in a number of skills.

Employment History
  • Current: Dark Dragon, Computer Tech
  • Former - Two-year stint in the Alliance military as an MP. Several hundred very brief groundside jobs. One and a half years aboard the Alexandr Nevsky, a Firefly-03 class transport vessel. Brief period of service as an 'irregular' (read 'terrorist') for the Browncoats during the Unification War.


Before you stands a Caucasian man in his late twenties or early thirties. His skin appears very lightly tanned, though that is due more to his ancestry than the sun. He is far from skinny, but neither could he be considered overweight (at least, not any more). Long, light brown hair, parted down the middle, flows down to his shoulders in the back, though it only barely covers his ears on the sides and his bangs are cut just above his eyebrows. Cheap, metal-framed prescription eyeglasses cover his wide, luminous green eyes, which look out at the world above a wide, slightly flattened nose. A thin layer of dark stubble covers his chin and upper lip, surrounding a mouth that is usually upturned very slightly at the edges, as if its owner is faintly amused at everything. It is a happy mouth, one used to laughter and smiling.

His clothing looks very recently purchased while still managing to look somewhat cheap and disheveled, which is probably intentional. Leather low-top hiking boots are clearly visible beneath a pair of new-looking, though rather dirty, blue denim jeans. A white T-shirt with the word 'Asshat' printed unceremoniously across the front is slightly marred by the clearly visible strap for a shoulder holster, though the holster itself is obscured by a short, brown leather duster extending to just slightly below his waist. The bulge of the occupied holster is clearly noticeable, as are several other bulges indicating the presence of full coat pockets. A brown backpack, identical in shade to his coat, is slung over his shoulder. Perched atop his head to no particular purpose is a tan bucket hat of the type stereotypically worn by fishermen.


Andrew is an interesting dichotomy, combining a lighthearted, goofball sense of humor and laid-back attitude with the capacity for deeply philosophical introspective moments. He tends to like most people, though he sometimes has a very odd way of showing it; he is brutally honest and has a tendency to crack jokes that range from vaguely insulting to blatantly offensive. Ironically, it is essentially impossible to offend him. He is the sort of person who has learned to laugh at himself, and assumes everyone else has, too.

Though he is rarely serious about anything, on those rare occasions that he is his brilliant analytical mind, incredible strength of will, and nearly perfect memory shine through. Although it is a well-kept secret, Andrew has an extremely negative worldview and always secretly expects the worst out of everyone and everything; his sense of humor is his way of coping with what he sees as a royally screwed-up universe. Oddly, on some subjects, such as the freedom of the individual, he is rather naively idealistic, contrasting with his pessimistic and cynical outlook on life.

He abhors violence, as a rule, but understands that it is sometimes necessary, and is skilled enough with firearms to defend himself and his friends when he has to. There have been very few occasions when he has had to, fortunately.

Pre-IC History

Andrew was born to core-world academician Robert Owen and his Lilac-born wife Ignacia Perez the afternoon of May 10, 2493, the first child to be born to the couple. His childhood was a happy one, with a pair of doting parents and siblings with whom he maintained a very friendly relationship. Andrew's father, the head of the History department at the University of New Paris on Bernadette, worked hard to ensure the continued intellectual development of all of his children, teaching them everything he knew about literature, history, the arts. As a result, all of his children - Andrew included - are possessed with a wealth of knowledge that has served them well.

Ignacia, Robert's loving wife, was a member of a small community on Lilac of Spanish (specifically Andalusian) descent who moved to the Core to further her education, and met Robert while a young teaching assistant in the University's Information Technology department. They were married within two years of meeting, and had their first child less than a year later. Blessed with a nearly boundless reserve of patience and energy and a helpful husband, she was able to successfully manage her teaching responsibilities while still finding time to be a caring and helpful mother to her children. She was granted tenure when Andrew was 8, and is pretty much wholly responsible for his interest in computers. Her legendary cooking skills were passed on to all of her children, incompletely in Andrew's case, and due to her ancestry all 3 of the Owen siblings speak fluent Spanish along with a smattering of French.

After an uneventful public school career in which his generally laid-back attitude began to manifest himself, Andrew enrolled in New Paris University's Computer Engineering program, in which he excelled. His degree was never finished, however; the Unification War was in full swing at the time, and he found himself caught up in pro-Browncoat student groups. These groups started out as simple discussions, morphed into peaceful protests, and over the next two years eventually exploded into full-blown guerilla war campaigns, in which Andrew proudly participated.

The Alliance was unable to effectively deal with this threat; a guerilla could walk around a corner, throw his gun in a dumpster, and he was a law-abiding citizen again. After puzzling over the problem for some time, a low-level staff officer finally came up with the solution - conscription. Specifically, anyone even remotely suspected of anti-Alliance sentiment in Bernadette's capital city would be levied into the army to make up for the staggering losses suffered by the Alliance, at gunpoint if necessary. Despite the obvious foolishness of allowing suspected criminals into the Alliance ranks, the plan was, astonishingly, a complete success. The group that Andrew fought with was not only conscripted en masse, but scattered across the entire system. No two terrorists ended up in the same unit, so the risk of mutiny was effectively eliminated before it even manifested itself. It didn't matter anyway, as the war ended a scant few months later. Andrew's band spent the next year or so as military policemen, before all conscripted troops were released from service due to the fact that they were no longer necessary.

Upon returning home, he found that all of his class records - including the three years of work he had put into a Computer Engineering degree - had been erased. Pro-Independence terrorists were blamed, but in his mind he has always suspected that it was a deliberate act by some government official who suspected him to be a threat, or simply wanted revenge for the damage inflicted. After consulting with his parents, he immediately went to work trying to recover the data, spending many sleepless nights poring over the contents the University's massive multi-terabyte hard drives. Despite near-superhuman effort, he was unable to restore the information. However, a hardcopy of the information was eventually discovered, and he was allowed to pick up his education where he left off. Choosing to get out of college early rather than stay for the master's degree he had originally considered, he switched his major to Computer Science, which he already had most of the credits necessary for anyway, and finished his schooling in less than two years.