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+help descer

The use of a Descer is totally up to the player. However, herein are the documents on how to use it.


Syntax: +desc/create <Body|Outfit> <name>=<desc>

Creates a desc for the body or your outfit with <name>.

Syntax: +desc/remove <Body|Outfit>=<name>

Removed <name> body or outfit desc from the system.

Syntax: +desc/use <Body|Outfit>=<name>

Uses the <name> body or outfit desc as your current desc for that section.

Syntax: +desc/list <Body|Outfit>

Lists all body or outfit desc names.


To initiate this system, you must do the following:

@set me=!NO_COMMAND

This resets the NO_COMMAND flag, giving you the ability to use the MultiDesc commands.

@desc me

Yes, leave this empty. This removes your current desc. I suggest that if you want to keep it you copy and paste them somewhere for later.

Other then that, please use the commands to set descs for your Body and Outfit. Note that %r can be use for a 'return' and %t can be used for a 'tab' on those desc.