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Full name Zank Lines
Date of Birth May 31st 2497
Parents Susan Lines(dead)

David Lines (dead)

Siblings Jacob Lines (dead)
Spouse None
Children Madeline Lines Cherevin- Febuary 2536
Assignment Captain (Jia)
Specialization Gunslinger/Pilot
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Dark blue eyes, black hair
Height and Weight 5'8", 195 lbs
Status Active
Education Information
Military Service

Former Independent Pilot/Soilder- 150th Independent "Arch Angels" Fighter Squadron

Zank's History

Zank Lines grew up on Beylix as the son of a trader and started working for his father at a young age in the mines and on the landing pads where he fell in love with the ships and the space they traveled through. When he was just old enough Zank's father taught him to fly his small transport to and from the planet to near by vendors on other worlds of the Kalidsas star system. He was a natural at it and his skills quickly improved and surpassed his fathers and most other pilots on Beylix. His father also taught him to use weapons. Rifles, pistols, and what ever else the poor family could get there hands on to defend there homestead and family. This was Zank's life up into his teenage years.

As growing tensions between the the Independents and the Alliance put strains on the Beylix economy and its living conditions.(not that they were great to begin with) Zank decided to join the Independents ranks as a pilot and offer what ever he could to there cause hoping to make a difference for his family. During the war Zank was at the cockpit of many craft from captured alliance warship and transports but a majority of his time was spent in small nimble fighter craft shooting down Alliance craft and disabling alliance war ships as a Squadron leader of the 150th Independent Fighter squadron.

During a transport mission above a nameless rock Zank, piloting a small mid bulk transport was shot down and crashed down killing the entire crew but him. Zank crawled away from the wreck amazingly and came across a independent patrol. They say luck saved him but it didn't come with out a cost. Zank's back was severely burned and torn from fire,searing hot fluids and razor sharp shrapnel from the ships wreckage and left bad scar's and horrifying deformations of the skin on his back. After about 3 weeks in the hospital and the medical facility about to be over ran, he fought with the forces on the ground for an additional 2 weeks during the Battle of Du-Khang through extreme pain from the burns before finally being able to get off the planet and back to Independent controlled space. He continued to fight in many battles across the war torn verse including the Battle of Sturgis and finally concluding at Serenity Valley. Where at the beginning of the battle he was over whelmed by the shear number and firepower Alliance superior fighter craft and once again shot down where amazingly he ejected in high atmo , survived the free fall, landing and fought with the ground forces on the valley floor to the bitter end watching as the Alliance overtook the valley and the flames of independence where dimmed.

Zank continued to fight even after high command surrendered and the Valley festered for another 2 weeks until med ships arrived overhead taking the survivors on the loosing side to aid and then to another hell, The rehabilitation camps.. He was sent to a camp on Santo with other prisoners and was one of the last ones out of his camp for instigating riots and attempted escapes and was accused but never proven in the death of a Alliance guard, Not that that didn't stop the beating from the angry feds.

Once he was free he returned home to Beylix where he found that his family was gone. His father had been executed for treasonous acts against the Alliance during the war by firing squad and that his mother and younger brother had died from a sickness that had festered from the dead piling up all around during the war. Word had never reached him until then. After a proper burial and much morning Zank left home and took to the Black once again his, real home.

The year have been crazy for Zank sense he left Beylix all those years back. ALOT has happened. Hes had the odd job but found work on transports From the Merchant ship The Noon to The Traveler owned by a man named McCain. Zanks lost friends with names like Sherok Tyco and Jade Tycho. But for the last 10 years or so Zank has called the Jia his home. Starting as a pilot under the leadership of Fao McGuire and his wife Danee McGuire. The ship has become his home and the crew his only family. He eventually became XO of the ship and then Captain as the events of the resent rebellion put a lot of stress on the Romani Prince and Owner of the Jia. Zank continues to lead the Jia and her crew.

Zank became romantically involved with a member of his crew. Jisae Cherevin. They are very close and seem to be joined at the hip sometimes. Before long Jisae found herself pregnant. They welcomed there child into the Verse. A spitting image of the two. A little girl named Madeline Lines Cherevin. Jisae dissapered shortly after and Zank has been raising the child with the help of his crew ever sense

Zank has found the last couple of years to been hectic.

He was made Captain of the 3rd Division of the Romani Churara, a fact that is not shared among many expect in the command of the organization.

His focus for the last 2 years has been on Legion. Countless battles and investigations. Zank at one point was kidnapped for months by legion after an betrayal. He was tortured for months and returned a broken soul. It took months and help from his friends and even a reader or two. But his mind healed and with it his fire to finish what had been started. He charged with the forces at Boros and helped end the threat of Legion to the known verse with the rest of his crew the Churara and a bit of help from a certain Alliance officer ana a red headed Operative.. He now works to bring a new crew to the Jia and sort out the mysteries and subterfuge in the wake of the Legion war and the subsequent investigations brought by the Alliance.


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Zanks Discription

Zank stands before you, he stands at 5'8 and has short black hair that is combined semi well but not perfect. He is pretty well built, and clean shaven. His eyes are a dark blue and a scar runs along the right side of his neck near the jugular that looks old, but did not heal very well. His thick rim world accept that can be hard to understand. He wears a dark blood red, long sleeved button up shirt, It simple yet suits him well . Most of the time the sleeve are party rolled up neatly. It has a few signs of stitching in some parts indicting it is old and worn often. Over that is dark brown duster that has seen better days it also has sown seams from various sown up holes. It ends just at the knees. The end of the sleeves there is a different color fabric sown on to extend the sleeves indicating that the wearer used to be smaller and grew out of it but deiced not to get ride of it. He wears black worker (think EMT pants) pants made of fire resistant material with many pockets for tools and such. It's held up by an old belt with several pouches to store more things. Also around his waste there is a Gun belt with holster that sits next to his leg. It sits ready for a quick draw or a sudden urge to get to a piece. A pistols grip is all that can be seen of the weapon inside. On his feet are old well worn combat boots with new laces but due show signs that they are taken care of and occasionally polished.

Distinguishing Marks

  • On Zanks back there is bad burns that are hidden under his shirt but some scares escape up to his lower neck. Red spots from large to small dot his back and dead pale white skin lines some places some areas and still trying to heal but they never will. Also in with the burns and burn marks are what seem like countless scares from hundreds of stitch's from attempts to repair his wounds in . One scare runs from the top of his right shoulder to his lower back blotted in a area from burned skin while dozens more all ranging in size cover his back in spots.Also what looks to be an old distorted image from a destroyed Tattoo sits on the upper left corner of his back(covered by cloths)
  • On his neck across the right side near the jugular there is a long scar from an old deep cut.

Zanks Personality

Zank is normally a very calm relaxed kind of guy that enjoys a good drink and a laugh. He loves a good joke and is very much a kid at heart. He enjoys his privacy and quiet. This might explain why he can always be found on the the bridge of the Jia working with computers or whistling to himself...or sleeping. Though Zank is normally good hearted and happy,Some times if you look really deep into his eyes(something few people ever are allowed to do) you can see something almost hiding behind his puples.A hardened soul,maybe a tortured one, one that's seen to much..who knows...go find out. Zank's Loyalty to his friends and crew are also very important to him. There are only a few people in the Verse that Zank turley trusts and most of them are aboard the ship he travels with. Zank in in a nut shell is a nice guy warm hearted and beyond cold to his enemy's and thouse that try to hurt his friends.

Zanks Past a touchy subject

A memory he would rather forget

Zank's Theme Song

The Brother Bright ---Blood on my name


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