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Full name Zander Drake
Date of Birth ?
Siblings None but cousins a plenty
Spouse None
Children Hopefully none
Assignment Candidate:Sulchar Baobh;
Gender Male
Status Active
Education Information


Military Service




Light blonde-brown hair falls freely down to Zander's shoulders, framing his face when he doesn't tuck it behind his ears. The stubble around his mouth and covering his cheeks and chin isn't fashionable, just what's sprouted without a sharp razor to keep it in check. Mirth seems to lurk in the depths of brown eyes sitting beneath dark brows that hint at a crappy dye job up top.

Zander's an inch or two over six feet tall but that's probably because of the brown boots adding to his height. A tan overcoat falls to his ankles and is unbuttoned to reveal a red shirt beneath a brown vest. Like the coat, the vest is undone but the shirt is buttoned up except for the top three buttons. Dusty brown trousers are also worn, the silver belt buckle showing more than a few deep scratches.



Rough Road:

Zander Zander Tattoo.jpg

Current Assignment: