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Full name Zachary Christopher MacAbrams
Date of Birth February 27th, 2489
Birthplace Londinium
Parents Charles MacAbrams and Millicent MacAbrams
Siblings None
Spouse Sushmita MacAbrams
Children None
Assignment Chief Medical Officer: Guan-Yin II
Specialization Counseling, psychiatry
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel / Dark Brown
Height and Weight 5'8" / 160
Status Active
Education Information

Londinium University Divinity School, Londinium University Medical school Accelerated Learning Programs


Zachary MacAbrams is a lean figure of a man, broad of shoulder and sturdy of build (Height of 5 feet and 8 inches, and weight of 160 pounds) His thick chocolate brown hair barely touches the collar of his shirt and is prematurely gray at the temples with threads of silver mingled throughout. No stranger to the outdoors or hard work, his complexion is lightly bronzed. His face is somewhat ovoid in shape and tapers to a strong jaw line. His nose is not hawkish, but has a slight sharpness in its angle. Set above, his intense hazel eyes seem to change their color depending on the light and colors that he wears. framed with full dark lashes, they reflect intelligence and kindness, creasing at the corners when he laughs and above them, thick eyebrows the color of his hair. Below his nose, his upper lip is slightly thinner than the lower and his chin has a shallow cleft. His hands are long and slim but muscular, also suggesting that he has seen some times that required rough work.

He walks with a slight limp and the aid of a sturdy, polished walking-staff of dark wood that he holds in his left hand. The staff stands as high as his shoulders. When he is not standing or is doing things that require him to use both hands, he lays the staff at his feet or props it nearby. He speaks with the distinctive accent of upper-middle class Londinium.

Personality and Demeanor

Zachary is gentle and soft-spoken. He readily reaches out to those who are in need. At the same time, he is wary about forming new friendships. In the company of such close friends, he occasionally shows a playful and mischievous side. He prefers quiet conversations to boisterous larger groups and parties. He is cynical about political or social authorities, and he gravitates toward the underdogs of the universe. When events remind him of the darkness in his past, he can become reclusive and depressed.

His faith is very important to him, but he is not the zealous preacher that he once was. He now looks with deep skepticism on the outward trappings of religion.


Character Biography

Zachary was born on the Core world of Londinium. When his parents noticed his natural proclivity for languages, they began to groom him for a life of learning. They intended for him to be a politician or diplomat so that they would strengthen their own position through him. He, however, was not happy in the life of politics and power. At the age of 16, he began to wonder whether there might be more to life than chasing such things. His studies on this question brought him to an aging Shepherd who showed him the realm of faith.

Soon, he concluded that this was the missing dimension in his life. When he was legally free to choose his own life, he told his parents that he intended to become a Shepherd. They immediately disowned him. He went to his new mentor, who recommended him for admission to a school that would prepare him to serve. He studied until he was ready for his new role as a Shepherd. For ten years, he traveled within the Alliance, ministering in hospitals and supporting himself by teaching in schools. His journeys took him to Hera, on the edge of the Alliance.

Some residents of that world objected to the Alliance's control over their government. He was sympathetic to their cause. He joined a group that advocated peaceful resistance against the Alliance. Then, at the age of 30, he married Katherine Dickinson, whom he met in the group. Zachary's involvement with this movement grew, and the leader of the group enlisted him to help with gathering support for the group from other villages on the planet. No one in the group, including Zachary, suspected that their leader was a covert operative for the Federals. Using Zachary's information, local Federal officers orchestrated a strike against the villages that harbored these "traitors" on the planet. While Zachary was teaching in his schoolhouse, the Federals attacked in a blitzkrieg. They killed almost everyone, including Katherine and their infant daughter, Sarah. The schoolhouse collapsed, killing most of the children, and a heavy metal beam from the roof crushed Zachary's left leg above his knee. Zachary was 32 years old.

In the aftermath of the attack, a Doctor contracted by the Alliance amputated his leg and dressed the wound so that he would not die from loss of blood. Some of the survivors gathered in the village and fled to the nearby mountains to hide, taking him with them. During the next year, he recovered well from the loss of his leg. An engineer devised a very crude prosthetic leg for him. With that and a cane to provide additional stability, he was able to walk slowly. However, the emotional wounds of losing his wife and child, knowing that a trusted friend betrayed him, and wondering if he could have prevented the tragedy from happening still haunt him.

Zachary remained with that group of fugitives for another year. They occasionally found shelter with sympathizers but more often hid in sparsely populated areas and survived by their wits. When they learned that the Alliance was not actively hunting them, they slipped into the capitol city. Zachary found a ship that took him to Persephone where he took a job on the Guan Yin II.


After two years of struggling to survive on Hera, Zachary managed to save enough money to book passage on a freighter bound for Persephone. There, he found Dr. Alaren Thalasa, who had captured his heart during his adolescence and later saved his life on Hera although he did not know her identity at the time. She persuaded him to interview for a job on the Guan Yin II. The captain hired him and he worked as a nurse until he and Alaren left the ship for new jobs with Black Wolf Enterprises as ship's surgeon and surgeon's assistant, respectively, aboard the Valiant and later the Dark Embrace. While working for BWE, he spent much of his free time on studying medicine so that he could complete academic qualifications for a medical degree from the University of Londinium. After Alaren was fired from BWE, Zachary remained with the company for a time before leaving the company as well.

He accepted a full-time position as a psychiatrist and general doctor at the Medical Wellness Clinic, and eventually became the clinic's Chief of Medicine until the clinic changed hands and became the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital. In the reorganization that followed, he was reassigned as head of the Post-Operative Care department.

Apr 18, 2526 - Agreed to serve on a part-time basis aboard the Guan-Yin II when his duties at the clinic permit. That position soon became a full-time responsibility.

Dec. 10, 2528 - Resigned from position with Guan-Yin

Dec. 11, 2528 - Accepted position as Head of Post-Operative Patient Care at Derrial Book Memorial Hospital

February 2530 - Dr. Tatyana Quinn's lawyers informed Zachary that Dr. Quinn had died. In her will, she bequeathed the Derrial Book Memorial Hospital and Shu Chang to Dr. MacAbrams.

March 15, 2530 - Zachary received official paperwork identifying him as owner of the hospital and ship.

May 10, 2531 - Zachary sold the Shu Chang to Phelan Daniels, who renamed the ship Mustang.

May 17, 2531 - Zachary married Sushmita MacAbrams in a private ceremony on the roof of the Derrial Book Memoria Hospital on Persephone.

Sept. 13, 2531 - Hired as CMO of Guan-Yin II