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Yvaine Sterling
Full name Yvaine "Eve" Danika Sterling
Date of Birth November 05, 2505
Birthplace Her ID card lists Paquin
  • Biological: Unknown
  • Adoptive: Peregrine Pravat Satoshi-Sterling & Johari Glain Sterling, both full-blooded Paquin-clanned Romany, both deceased.
Siblings Tene Daveny Sterling, deceased
  • Tene Daveny Sterling, deceased.
  • She'd claim Rand Cedris, but odds are, he'd debate the finer points to that.
Children Twin girls, Renee and Daphne Cedris
Assignment Undercover Intel Gathering, Translator
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Pale Blonde, Icy Blue
Height and Weight 5'2" 105 lbs.
Status Active
Education Information

School of Life

Employment History

Picking heartstrings (and pockets) of strangers

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Short, yet willowy, it's hard for most to easily summarize this petite woman's beauty. She seems to stand about five feet in height, and most would estimate her weight to be close to one-hundred pounds, give or take a few. Her skin is flushed with health, a rosy glow frequently coloring her cheeks, and at least what can be seen of it is free of blemish or scars. While her stature is incredibly petite, it does not belie her age, obvious curves denote her womanhood, making it impossible for most to underestimate her any longer for a child.

Icy blue eyes peer from a face of classic beauty; high cheekbones with a delicate flush; an aquiline nose covered with a smattering of freckles; and full, pouting lips with a deep bow are the woman's most striking elements. The Renaissance-era beauty of her face pales in comparison however to the depths and sparkle of her bright eyes. Pale turquoise orbs with flecks of azure and silver, they stare intently, capturing the cold beauty of ice as she watches the world around her.

Cascades of gleaming blonde hair spills in waves down her back, long enough to reach just past her hips. Her hair is streaked with strands of silver and honey highlights and darker shades of amber and gold deepen the dancing waves. Two golden chopsticks topped with large chunks of aquamarine stake through a small knot of curls which hold the strands of hair at her temples away from her face, keeping it out of her eyes, though the rest of her hair falls freely in wild abandon down her back.

Running down her spine is a row of scarred x's, the first between her shoulder blades and the last at the base of her tailbone. Each crossed line is two inches in length, the scars white and pale over her natural tan. At each intersecting corner where the row of x's connect one into the next is a simple golden hoop pierced through her skin. The white lines and gold hoops give her the appearance of a corset's lacing having been grommeted into the curves of her back.

The woman's jewelry might be considered by gadje to be ostentatious, but she's grown accustomed to carrying her wealth on her person at all times. A large pair of golden hoops dangles at each earlobe, hanging with beaded aquamarine, sapphires and opals which glimmer even in the faintest of lighting. Thick gold bangles mix with a multitude of strung opals, pearls, aquamarines, and sapphires as they drape around each wrist and ankle, jangling a softly musical tone as accompaniment to her movements. A large pear-shaped aquamarine teardrop dangles from a thick choker of braided gold, dancing in the hollow of her throat as she breathes. A lingering hint of her perfume wafts through the air around her, enrobing her in a distinctive scent of spicy lavender and sweet vanilla, the simple scent seemingly natural on her skin.


While as a child Eve was gentle, tender, and affectionate, the woman she has become is simply broken, cold, and hard. The term ice princess was invented so there would be a way to describe women like Eve. She's been through so much loss in life that she's learned how to stop caring, or more accurately, she's learned how to stop showing that she cares. She's cold, calculating, and to anyone who does not know her very VERY well, she's completely unreadable unless there's a reason she wants to be read for her own gains. She's more likely to smirk than to smile, to sneer than to laugh, and to stare unflinchingly than to react.

Eve has lost her own sense of humanity in bits and pieces through the years, losing the final shred when her husband died; and she no longer sees others as humans either, merely as a means by whom she can meet her own ends. She wants to see the alliance fall and pay for what they have done by covering up Reavers (or worse if the rumors are true) instead of teaching folks to prepare against them. Then on top of that, they decided to try the rest of the world how to run their lives? Eve won't play their little games. She's no one's puppet, but especially not theirs. She's also turned her back on the Romany. She views their nomadic lifestyle as what got her family killed, and their methods of marriage and trade as what broke her heart and lost her love, setting her on her cursed path of life and vengeance in the first place. The people of Paquin claim to be a people of peace, and yet so many of them celebrate violence when it is for their own gain. So to have them deny her their help in this quest, that was her last straw. She's still as warm and cordial and familial to them as she has ever been, but her heart no longer holds love for any of them.

The only thing Eve follows is a sale at her favorite store, and if you don't want to go where she's headed, it's recommended that you get out of her way. She's only a loner when it suits her needs, but just because she's in the company of others it doesn't mean she lets them really know what's going on inside her heart or mind. The woman most people know and meet has nothing to do with what's really going on inside. Eve has mastered the skill of being alone in a crowd and honed it to a perfected art form.

It seems that everyone is concerned about drives and morals, so here's what you need to know about Eve's: You're joking, right? Oh, you're not? That's cute. Morals are for losers and wimps too scared to take what they want from life. Anyone who has them just isn't brave enough to write their own rules. Her only moral is that you better not hurt anyone she loves. If you do, there will be hell to pay. Thankfully, there isn't anyone left alive in that category at the moment, so repayment of hell is all she has left.

According to the Myers-Briggs (Jung) Typology test, Yvaine is an ISFJ, commonly known as Healers.

Yvaine's Typology Scores
Introverted: 91% iNtuitive: 100% Feeling: 64% Perceiving: 72%
Extraverted: 09% Sensing: 00% Thinking: 36% Judging: 18%

According to Myers-Briggs, INFPs focus much of their energy on an inner world dominated by intense feeling and deeply held ethics. They seek an external life that is in keeping with these values. Loyal to the people and causes important to them, INFPs can quickly spot opportunities to implement their ideals. They are curious to understand those around them, and so are accepting and flexible except when their values are threatened.
The polite, reserved exterior of INFPs can at first make them difficult to get to know. They enjoy conversation, however, taking particular delight in the unusual. When INFPs are in a sociable mood, their humor and charm shine through. Disposed to like people and to avoid conflict, INFPs tend to make pleasant company.
Devoted to those in their inner circle, INFPs guard the emotional well-being of others, consoling those in distress. Guided by their desire for harmony, INFPs prefer to be flexible unless their ethics are violated. Then, they become passionate advocates for their beliefs. They are often able to sway the opinions of others through tact, diplomacy, and an ability to see varying sides of an issue.
INFPs develop these insights through reflection, and they require substantial time alone to ponder and process new information. While they can be quite patient with complex material, they are generally bored by routine. Though not always organized, INFPs are meticulous about things they value. Perfectionists, they may have trouble completing a task because it cannot meet their high standards. They may even go back to a completed project after the deadline so they can improve it.
INFPs are creative types and often have a gift for language. As introverts, they may prefer to express themselves through writing. Their dominant Feeling drives their desire to communicate, while their auxiliary intuition supplies the imagination. Having a talent for symbolism, they enjoy metaphors and similes. They continually seek new ideas and adapt well to change. They prefer working in an environment that values these gifts and allows them to make a positive difference in the world, according to their personal beliefs.[14]
You can read a bit more about INFPs HERE. You can take the test HERE.


You won't find many blonde haired blue eyed gypsies, at least not by natural birth. Might be that Eve wasn't born a gypsy despite what her paperwork says. Rumor has it (if you can believe Romany rumors, and very few do including the gypsies themselves) that her mother lost the ability to bear children with the birth of her holder brother. Her deepest desire had always been to have a daughter, so to fulfill his wife's dream, her father is said to have traded away a diamond necklace in exchange to a slaver's ship for a little girl. Those of more vicious tongues claim she was just out-right stolen because the family was too strange to arrange a marriage for their only son in any other way.

True stories or not, a blonde headed toddler arrived into the family, and it was known since her arrival that she was to be an arranged marriage to the boy who was her younger sibling. Other than the oddity of her arranged adoption and marriage, her life was rather typical (at least for a gypsy) and even happy through her childhood. Her father was a jeweler, and her mother was a dancer, and she and her betrothed brother were raised to follow in their footsteps. In addition to picking up her mothers skills for dancing and charming tourists and her father's of bartering, Eve's best talent seems to lie in linguistics. Switching families at such a young age added the Romany tongue to her toddler's versions of English and Chinese, and travel from planet to planet helped her to pick up many other languages over time as well. There's nothing that hones an accent like rubbing elbows with a native speaker, so while her blonde locks make her stick out visibly, her voice can blend almost anywhere.

Little was known different on Paquin between fact and rumor in the Sterling family as they were traveling merchants. Their shuttle landed on their clan's home planet each year at the 22nd of December and would leave again on the 3rd of January, staying only long enough to observe the solstice and stir the rumors anew. When she turned thirteen and was a woman in the eyes of the Romany her brother was seventeen and the two were wed. They continued to travel with their parents for the next few years, and life was actually good, though rumors of curses and witchcraft were whispered throughout the Romany any time they traveled back to Paquin, as the young bride never did bear any children to give proof that the marriage had been consummated.

When the young woman was 19, the family was on Lilac, her father and husband pedaling their jewelry as she and her mother busked the rest of the planet's inhabitants that they could. The young couple had left for an evening to themselves when Reavers invaded. Her husband pulled her aside and hid her, his hand clamped tight over her screaming mouth to muffle the screams of terror as they watched the carnage that slaughtered their parents along with the rest of the crowd. Stunned, the couple wandered the villages of Lilac, trying to figure out what and who the Reavers were. They'd grown up believing the creatures to be only fairy tales. Turns out, it wasn't so. The people of Lilac knew very little facts about the Reavers, but all kinds of gossip. Some said they were people too far removed from humanity that they forgot what it was to be human. Some said they went crazy from the vastness of space. Some said it was a virus that ate their brains. Some said a Blue Sun experiment went bad. A few even said it was a secret weapon by the Alliance that got out of hand. But what they all said was that they were the worst thing you could imagine. Nightmares that woke and came to life, and to Eve, that's what they were exactly. She'd always thought such things were only stories, and to see the horrors of such tales come to life before her eyes haunts her every moment, both asleep and awake. She's turned into an insomniac, and when she does manage to sleep, it's haunted with nightmares that leave her shaking and screaming herself awake again.


She remembers nothing about her birth parents, as she was taken in and raised by her gypsy family at an age before memories begin. While she knows that her paperwork and documents are faked forgeries, she has no idea of who she was before they were made, and the only people who might have known are now dead.

But Peregrine Pravat Satoshi-Sterling was the kind of woman who never had a mean word or a bad face for anyone. Her face always had a smile, and her lips always had a story. Perhaps that was what made her such a perfect fit for her husband. Johari Glain Sterling was a man of few words, though many laughs. His eyes often sparkled as brightly as the jewels with which he worked and sold as he listened to his wife and his customers and watched the world around him. They were a warm and loving pair, quick to laugh and quick to love, not only each other but anyone whom they considered to be family, be that blood kin, adopted kin, or just their friends.


The death of her husband, Tene Daveny Sterling shook Eve to her very core. Despite the oddity of their arranged life together, she had truly grown to love him deeply over the years. Most of her life he had been her only steady friend, companion, solace, and confidant, and losing him was truly like losing half of herself, leaving her a completely changed woman. When his body was returned to her, she followed the proper ceremonies of the Romany, mourning the dead and burying the husband who had left her. She did not shave her uncovered hair, nor wear her previously removed diklo to his funeral, she had sent it with him when he left, hoping it would bring him luck and a chance to return it to her one day. Though it came back only with his blood, no hope left to be found.

Eve's husband had put her back onto the shuttle then and took her back home to Paquin following the death of their parents, holding her close and soothing away the nightmares only until they returned to the soil of their clan. It was then that he untied the cord that had fasted their hands and their lives together. Without any children to further bind them, he left her a divorced woman in their parent's dusty and abandoned caravan as he went off to track down someone who could help him find revenge against the Reavers who had killed his parents and the Alliance who had covered them up. Gypsies and Pirates have held bad blood after too many deals gone wrong, and he knew the risks would be high, so he refused to take her with him. He also refused to leave her shorn of her golden hair and in the mourning black of a widow. He told Eve that it was for her own good and her own safety, but that his love was still with her. As he kissed her goodbye, promising that he would be back for her some day and that they would be re-wed, she knew he'd never kill them all, and that meant he would never return. Her heart broke and she cried for weeks until the knock came to the door to tell her that he was dead. Those were the last tears she ever cried. His death broke the last of her heart, and after he was gone, there was no more pain or ache or hurt left for her to feel. As such, she's scared of silence now, too much quiet can paralyze her, leaving her phobic of such moments. A book or cortex pad are her constant companions, always needing something to distract her mind and her memories from being overcome with the thoughts she fights so hard to repress.


As any corsair of the Queen's Army, Eve has control of up to four sprogs to do her bidding as the need arises. And while occasionally she'll do the mix and match of who is on hand, her gypsy blood hasn't always been entirely accepted by the rest of the Commonwealth, even those who rank beneath her. So over time, she's gotten picky, and hand-picked a few who seem to have less problems taking her orders than most of the others.

Mumbles - Mumbles is old enough to be Eve's daddy. And maybe grand-daddy if he and his progeny both got started old. His tongue was cut out back when he was around Eve's age, and the rumors as to why are almost as varied as his years. He knows the truth, and so does Eve, but he can't tell (most folks) and she never will. The one that seems to be most believed though is that he sold out a fellow sprog in hopes for promotion and thus lost his tongue as recompense to his lie. That same rumor tends to be pulled out to explain why he's still only a sprog after all these years. While the least obedient of her bunch (he's obstinate and sassy to a fault) he's also the smartest. And he knows when he can get away with the cheek and when to sign how high when mid-air. He's got decent triage skills (thanks to getting enrolled at Leight College alongside Eve when she got her nursing degree) and his knowledge of sign language makes it easy to communicate even in dead silence. Odds are when she's off on surveillance or other covert missions, he's the one of the four that's out there watching her back, even if no one can spot him doing so.

Jack - Jack is the least troublesome of all her sprogs, and probably the only one she doesn't worry about when out of her line of sight, even if she does mother him half to death when he's around. He was always super-tall and lanky, looking more like a beanstalk than a boy, even if he has started bulking himself out a bit after finally shooting up through his last growth spurt. He's recently set up shop as a tattoo artist, and since she's always tried to encourage his art over his fighting, she does her best to only bother him when she has to. But sometimes a girl just needs someone willing to run the errand or do the dirty chores who isn't going to argue or sass her when he's told. And when she's looking for someone who will just nod and hand her a "Yes, ma'am," no matter what it is she's asking, he'll always be her go-to guy.

Hans & Franz - These two are pretty much dumber than a box of rocks, except that would insult the rocks. She would have dubbed the set of identical twins after Alice's Tweedles, but she couldn't call them both by Dum. They'd have been too confused to answer. But what they lack in brain, the have more than made up for in brawn. And seeing as Eve is both built and tried for listening in and for fixing rather than breaking, she desperately needs the kind of muscle that can get her ass home alive again. And despite being surly as hell about being the ones tasked with the job, they're good at it. They're known to have broken a few coms and PDA's in their time when it looked like someone wanted to report something they shouldn't, and they've provided beat downs from time to time to defend her life, and occasionally even her honor. While *they* might treat her like gypsy scum, they're sure not putting up with any non-pirate who feels like doing the same. They've even been known to carry her drunk-ass home from the Dregs on occasion when Gus' pour has been heavier than she'd expected.


"Cold Hard Bitch" -- Jet
"Glitter in the Air" -- Pink
"Counting Stars" -- One Republic
"Nightengale" -- Saves the Day
"Sometimes it be That Way" -- Jewel
"Spanish Doll" -- Poe
"Imaginary" -- Evanescence
"Panacea for the Poison" -- Flobots
"Pour Quel Amour" -- Kate Ryan