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Full name Yossarian Rae Le Marque
Date of Birth 3 October 2508
Siblings Darcy Le Marque, institutionalized
Spouse None
Specialization Firearms, piloting, music
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Green, Pale blonde
Height and Weight 5'9", 129lbs
Education Information
  • Home-schooled, equal to a 12th grade education
Military Service
  • Alliance recruit training, broke contract before graduation


Yossarian is on the tall side of average, standing at maybe 5 feet and 9 inches, and looks to be no older than her early twenties. Her wavy hair is a very pale blonde, kept long, with tight braids woven into the soft, shiny mass. Her eyebrows are much darker; a deep enough brown that they stand out and bring attention to her green eyes. Her skin is peach-coloured when not covered in dirt or grime, growing rosy in her cheeks from a small case of chronic rosacea. She’s of an athletic build, with not much curve unless you count the sinew of muscle.

To the side of her right eye is a white shooting star tattoo that ends at the top of her cheekbone. On her forehead, a crescent moon has been etched in as well. Both images have been created in UV blacklight ink, and are therefore very dull in regular light. Typically, she can be seen wearing a plain black shirt with a vibrant orange jumpsuit fastened at her hips.

Innermost Self

Yoyo's initial demeanour is that which one would expect an Alliance troop to possess, albeit with a softness to it. She is polite and well-spoken, with a concrete understanding of the natural order of things. She holds her superiors in high respect, though she is not without an opinion and not without confidence. Her moral compass often interferes with her assigned duties, as she is not inclined towards violence, and many people have gotten the impression from her that she'd rather be speaking on behalf of peace rather than enforcing it with a gun.

Still young, she has a mostly optimistic view of the world despite her rough history, though has a propensity to act naively towards real threats. A deep thinker; she is habitually quiet and therefore makes an excellent listener, provided that she is not, as humans can't help but be from time to time, overwhelmed by her own dilemmas. Her sense of humour is dry, sarcastic, and sometimes unwittingly cruel.

Yossarian, as a person, is too engrossed with thinking and less inclined to act, which hindered her development as a soldier. In addition, she's too fearful and cautious to be considered a true soldier. She's plagued with many irrational phobias, including a fear of tight spaces and spiders. A good place for her to start would be to develop a backbone.

Her sense of right and wrong is somewhat skewed. She understands that white lies have their place, and yes, sometimes it's all right to stick your gum underneath the table, however her conscience makes it difficult for her to act normally. Yet, as her training in the Alliance progressed, she become more and more desensitized to the idea of justified killing which, before, she would have found to be a very gray area. Her disturbance with that fact may have been a playing factor when she dropped out of contract.

A highly spiritual person, she finds value in all living things. This makes her particularly sensitive to nature and puts her in conflict with technology that damages planets. She has no specific religion, but carries similar attitudes to Christianity, Buddhism, and especially Ancient Aboriginal Spirituality.

Pre-PC History

Yossarian grew up aboard a large merchant ship owned by her parents. The ship acted as a home for over a dozen different families. They were primarily French speaking spacers, all from a small colony on Londinium, and so Yossarian picked up the language, in addition to English and Mandarin, very quickly.

Though she found herself with much to do on board as a child, as there were always chores that needed doing, she began wondering about the outside worlds. Her ship only made short stops on planets, and Yoyo rarely had enough time to explore like she wanted to. Her free time was dedicated to imagining the nature of these worlds, and listening to the stories of the freelancers they picked up on each trip. During this time, she also received home schooling along with the other children. From other ship workers she learned much of what it takes to make a ship run, picking up skills like piloting and astrogation at a young age.

The ship family had many strange traditions adopted from different cultures, such as the use of UV blacklight ink for frequently given tattoos and their tribe-like hierarchy, the beginning of which started with the Captain, of course. This made Yossarian and her younger sister subjects of high respect, being the daughter of the Captain and the XO. They were a very spiritual group who found value in all living things, and worshiped nature therefore. "Spirit names" were also widely used aboard the ship, acting as second titles that only those close to one would know and understand the meaning of. Often, the person's spirit name would be depicted somewhere on their body with a tattoo.

Yossarian's parents were kind and loving, if not somewhat absent. They often were busy with their jobs onboard, and as Yoyo grew older they found less and less time to spend time with her. She didn't resent them for it, though she did miss them terribly. Yossarian did benefit from music lessons from her father, who was very worldly, and knew many instruments because of his broad travels. Her mother was an expert in Earth-That-Was, and had read many ancient novels before giving birth to Yossarian, which resulted in her strange name.

Yossarian was able to live in almost complete happiness until the year of her eighteenth birthday. In early September, the ship moved too far into Reaver territory at the fault of Yossarian's father. They travelled peacefully for days, until their system experienced a sudden failure as the result of a sprung Reaver trap. Emergency procedures were taken, and Yossarian and her sister stowed away in a secret compartment while their father and mother struggled to find weapons. They made the mistake of moving closer to the vent in order to see, and were witnesses to the carnage occurring on-board, if only for as long as it took for them to tear their eyes away.

Upon awakening days later, Yossarian and Darcy found they had successfully hidden from the gore and remained untouched. With minds plagued by brief memories, they had little time to mourn their losses. Quickly, Yossarian piloted the ship for as long as it took them to get out of Reaver space, and then hailed the nearest Alliance vessel for help.

The repercussions of watching, even for a second, the murder of hundreds at the hands of Reavers were severe on Yossarian's mind. In order to survive, her mind repressed the memory, pushing it back far enough that it would only resurface in sleep. Darcy was not so fortunate; her mind was easily consumed by the pestilent thought of death. For Darcy's own safety, she was locked away inside a mental institution. Recovery was not expected.

Yossarian stayed at the institute for as long as she could, for she did not have any other family or place to turn to. After eight months, the hospital eventually was forced to turn her away, stating that she was well enough to be on her way instead of using up their resources. A note of the incident was made on her record; however the nature of the ship's destruction was vague, for there are still those who do not believe in Reavers. Without any other place to turn to, Yossarian went to the Alliance and enlisted. Another year passed, and Yoyo found that she just wasn't cut out for the Alliance. Not yet. Reluctantly she dropped training without graduation, deciding to look for a quiet job where she could relax and spend time healing.

IC Events

  • April 2530: Yossarian meets Russell Cymbeline, who convinces her to accept a job offer aboard the Jia as a pilot. Russell helps her adjust to life on the ship, and Yossarian develops a strong attachment to him. She makes a few friends among the crew, namely Kyoshiro, who instantly takes a liking to her. His affections go unnoticed, for the most part.
  • May 2530: Yossarian falls into the rhythm of the ship, focusing on flying and honing her skills as a pilot. Life turns into routine, and she finds herself to be somewhat under-stimulated and claustrophobic aboard a ship without much human interaction other than crew members. When she receives news that her sister's mental state has worsened, she takes a short leave from work to visit Darcy at the hospital on Persephone.
  • June 2530: When she returns from hiatus, she learns that Russell has been arrested for violating parole. Distraught and uninformed, she goes with Captain Faoite McGuire to visit her friend at his cell and get some answers. When Russell describes his crime to her, she seems unfazed, and expresses to him how much she misses his presence aboard the ship. Russell's case avoids trial, and he is let off on conditions that force him to part ways with the Jia. His departure sparks a nervous breakdown in Yossarian; the aftershock of the trauma from the Reaver attack in her past. With her fragile psyche disrupted, she spirals, and engages in self-destructive drug and alcohol abuse. Seeing Yossarian suffering, Kyoshiro attempts to console her, and ends up confessing his feelings towards her. In a drunken stupor, Yossarian explains that she can't return his affections before running away from the ship.
    • June 28th, 2530: Yossarian suffers a grand mal seizure in a hotel room on Bernadette, Russell and Carmen rush her to the nearby hospital. Waking up after the seizure, she acknowledges her problem. She weighs her options and decides to separate from the Jia, choosing to ride as a passenger aboard the Each Uisage.



Person Relationship
Russell Cymbeline Friend, crutch
Kyoshiro Friend, ex-crew mate
Faoite McGuire Ex-Captain
Holliday Friend, ex-crew mate
Carmen Friend