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Current Description

The woman stands at 5'8", her limbs long and lean. The features of her face are defined angles that include high, upswept cheekbones and thin, arched brows that curve over slightly slanted eyes of a dark midnight green hue, a slightly crooked nose, and dark cherry red lips. Her ebony hair is pulled up into a ponytail at the peak of her head, the strands falling in a long sweep behind her, accented by a few small braids scattered within, a silver strand woven into each.

Her current outfit of choice combines both elegance and practicality. The bone ivory shirt hugs her upper body, trailing up the graceful curve of her neck with a high collar, the slightly iridescent material clasped with a row of tiny dark red buttons down the front. Slits from waist to the bottom hem at mid-thigh allow for easy movement. The front hem of the shirt cuts up in a sharp v to the top of her rib cage, revealing an expanse of firm and sculpted abdomen. A harsh welt of a scar some six inches long peeks out along the upper right rib cage, and a number of other minute scars pattern the visible areas of her body.

Armguards of black leather encompass elbow to wrist, laced tightly, holding a dull sheen that show years of use and care. Tight leather pants of a burnt blood hue hug the curves of her hips, and black knee high riding boots complete the outfit. A three inch wide choker of similar make and wear of the armguards has been tucked around the curve of her neck, clasping shut in the back. Lines of silver have been embossed into the collar, creating a beautiful design of a phoenix with wings outstretched and furled slightly, the tail disappearing out of the bottom of the collar.

The strap of a large heavy black canvas duffel bag is flunt over the bare curve of her left shoulder, and the strap of a bolt thrower crosses over her chest, the weapon resting loosely against her right hip. A comm earpiece is visible, clipped over her left ear.

Character Info (OOC)

For those interested in Yinn's bg, with the prerequisite of all knowledge here is ooc only, without staff or Yinn's player's approval... Please feel free to check here!

Character Info (IC)

There is a possibility that your character may have knowledge of some of Yinn's bg story. Page me and let me know if you would like to make appropriate rolls: Streetwise @ 50 and Culture:Underworld @ 50.

IC Rumors

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