Yawvino Noravasi

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Yawvino Noravasi
Full name Yawvino Damielo Noravasi
Date of Birth 25 December 2386
Parents Joseph Noravasi and Emmalina Tshilaba
Siblings Pele, Daved, Jhan, Celia, Bruenena, Morovian (all deceased)
Assignment Rege Paquin (The Grandfather 'The King of the Romani')
Gender male
Eyes and Hair Brown/grey
Height and Weight 5'8" / 140
Status active
Education Information

Home schooled

Employment History

Member of the Kris Shena


He was born and raised on a vardos. He was nothing exceptional. He could talk every one of the other boys into following his lead and then when they got into trouble he tended to take full responsibility. It was a good life running wild and being home schooled with all the other boys. The verse was a different place then. Less dangerous. More friendly. But things change. He was 37 when named prince of the Romany. 70 when he was admitted to the Romany congress. 100 when he was admitted to the general council, and 135 when he was admitted to the Kris. His life has been serving his people.
His parents were wonderful. Father Joseph Noravasi was a ships engineer. His mother was a house wife until the age of 80 when she was admitted to the general council. She was the first woman to serve as THE Grandmother in 500 years. She died at the age of 159. Very old for humans and Romany specifically
He was especially pleased at being admitted to the Romany Congress. This is an appointed position by those in the Clan. He represented them to the best of his ability and tried to be fair to everyone. It is quite an honor and he was very proud.
Now he is head of the Kris. He works diligently for the good of The People.

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