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Song Yanyu
Full name Song Yanyu
Date of Birth 14.Jan.2504
Birthplace Santo
Parents Song Kinshi and Wei Beng-lu
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None
Assignment Tong , Zong-FM_, Enforcement
Specialization Assasin
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Brown, Black
Height and Weight 5'2", 110 lbs
Status Active
Education Information

Home educated, trained by Tong Uncle

Employment History



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A delicate aisan woman, standing near 5'2 in height. Her deep brown eyes are nearly black and framed by thick, long dark lashes. Her eyebrows are thin and well groomed, adding one more touch to this natural beauty's face. High cheekbones and a thin nose sit above pink lips that pull up into a constant smile, her face accented with the slightest touches of makeup. Silky black hair is pulled up in a weaved pattern of to rest atop her head, tiny cherry blossoms tucked in randomly.
Upon her body she wears an ankle length, form fitting red silk brocade oriental style dress. Small slits at the ankle allow for easier walking, and golden buttons upon the breast of the gown accent the dragons that are embroidered into the garment. The high collar covers much of the exposed skin of her neck, and a shawl is draped over her arms to cover the as well. Upon her feet are golden slippers. She holds a high value for customary dress.


Yanyu is sweet and nice, yet deadly at the same time. Obediant to the higher Tong and respectful to her position, elders and others. She might be the first to help you, but she will also be the first to gut you if you cross her family in any way. Passionate and dedicated with her work, and her friends. Personal realtionships are done with respect and customary implications.

History and background

Information may be gained Icly only