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Xian Nu
Full name Xian Nu
Date of Birth February 3, 2473
Parents Gao Jixing(father) and Dai Lian(mother)
Siblings Gao Yu (older brother) and Gao Zhuang (younger brother)
Spouse Grey Ashcroft
Children Wen-Qi Ashcroft and Alexander Rene Ashcroft
Assignment Pediatrics/Sr. Physician
Specialization Pediatrics
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Black
Status Inactive
Education Information

Sihnon Medical University, graduated with an M.D. Summa Cum Laude and Golden Mountain Buddhist Monastery

Military Service

45th Independent Medical Division, “Shadow's Mercy” during the war of Independence rank Captain, her nick name was Dou-mu

Employment History
  • Medical Wellness Clinic- Head of Pediatrics
  • Previous: Guan-Yin II - Senior Physician
  • Previous: Guan-Yin - Senior Physician
  • Previous: Free Clinics and Various ships
  • Previous: 45th Independent Medical Division, Rank Captain
  • Previous: Private Practice-Shadow
  • Previous: Pediatrician Sihnon Medical University
Personal Notes

Blood Type: AB positive This page is a work in progress