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Without Sinners There Could Be No Saints.

X the Shepard of Lost Souls
Full name Xavier "Hawk" Cruz
Date of Birth April 14, 2498
Parents Azul Cruz and Tadhg Ryusuke (Both Names Unknown to X)
Siblings None
Spouse Was Engaged
Assignment Saving Souls Lost Souls
Specialization Surviving
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Violet Eye (Right Eye is Missing), Silver Hair, Spiked.
Height and Weight 5'10" (178cm) 147lbs (66kg)
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • School of Hard Knocks.
Military Service
  • No military service.
Employment History
Personal Notes

Age: 29

Xavier is known also by the following: X, Hawk, XCS-09876, Prisoner TZY-7323-0983

Xavier is Catholic

Xavier's Blood Type is O+

Xavier is Hooked on cigarettes

Xavier has Lightning Reflexes

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  • Slavery

It was the windy night of April 14, 2498, when on Shadow, Xavier Cruz was born, his mother Azul Cruz, was a poor young thing who was seduced by a passing space hand by the name of Tadhg Ryusuke, a man of unknown decent who is where Xavier inherited his silver hair and violet eye. That same night Xavier was left at a door step with a note pinned to his chest stating "Xavier Cruz, Please Take Care Of Me."

Azul Cruz thought she was doing the right thing, but sadly the world does not always work how we want it too, the man's doorstep she left him on ended up selling him into slavery. For the next eight years he was trained to serve as a slave, shackled at the wrist and ankles, being referred to only as XCS, Xavier Cruz from Shadow. One of his first memories is speaking with a older slave who told him "Never give up hope, until your hands look like mine in these shackles." So he did just that always telling himself "Let them do what they will."

But one day a older boy made a break for it and took the risk of letting Xavier come along. They made it out just fine nothing to show for there time there but scars from the shackles and a tattoo of a bar code on the side of there neck. They went there different ways, at this point the war was just starting and Xavier was lucky he managed to catch the eye of man who was the First Mate on a ship called Blackjack and took him aboard.

  • The Blackjack

Xavier worked hard and as he grew he was taught what they thought he needed to know. He was treated no differently from any of the men despite his age. He was told until he could fight with his hands he could not fight with his a blade. Once he got his blade he was told he could not fight with a gun til he could fight with a blade. He killed his first man at the age of Nine with his hands, choked him to death as he lay bleeding in a cargo bay.

  • The Martial Art Xavier Learned and Practices is:Krav Maga[[1]]

During the war the pickings were easy for a pirate a lot of supplies going here and there and easy to take. During this time Xavier grew in rank and eventually ended up becoming the First Mate. ( This actually happened when the man who took him in got into a fight with him, the Prior First Mate took X's Right Eye... X took his life.) After the war ended things got harder. One day and the crew of the Blackjack was arrested as they were docked, except Xavier and two other men who were buying supplies after they had unloaded the black cargo.

  • Odd Jobs and The Red Angel

After that he first wandered around doing random Security jobs for small transports here and there. Sadly he was never one that was easily able to blend into the crowd. Also with a few arrest warrants out on him rather limited the jobs he could take. After a certain amount of time he ended up bumping Daniel Wallace of the Red Angel and was offered a job as security on that ship.

He served on board the Red Angel for roughly 9 months. Before a trip to Shadow ended up making him leave for some personal time and not returning. This was due to the fact that was the first time he had stepped foot on Shadow since he had left. Knowing that was the grave of his mother and father (Or so he thought) and that he would never know why they left him or their names he left on somewhat of a Journey of Self Discover.

  • Pirate Commonwealth

Upon returning, he was in Persephone holding a sign looking for work, he bumped into Admiral Frost and they spoke briefly about him joining the Pirate Faction before they parted ways. It was later on, on Ezra by chance (Or so X will keep telling himself) he bumped into two Pirates from the Pirate Faction, A Nysacire O'Doherty and Nolan Grayes, while Nolan Grayes was on a iComm call, X and Nysacire O'Doherty //Debated and Negotiated// him joining the Pirate Faction, which ended with her with his Tricorn hat and him part of the Armada assigned to the Devil's Corsair as security.

After some time with the Armada, Xavier reached the Rank of Head Corsair on the Devil's Corsair. His life continued as normal, with a few secrets keep to himself about certain aspects of his life. Getting more acquainted with the crews of both the Devil's Corsair and the Arctic Raider. After several moments of disrespect towards the command of the Armada especially Nysacire O'Doherty and another issue, Xavier challenged a Taylor Michaels to a pirate duel to resolve said issues he had caused. During the duel, not knowing Taylor Michaels has passed out, Xavier stabbed him again, thus resulting in his accidental death. At this time Xavier was escorted to the Brig by Nysacire O'Doherty to await the repercussions of breaking a rule in a pirates duel, possibly resulting in his execution.

After spending several days in the Brig of the Arctic Raider, Xavier was taken to Cargo Bay. He had missed the funeral for Taylor Michaels and the Command had agreed the death was a accident. But with the Armada even accidents do not go unforgiving. The Lead Sprinkler it was, similar to a holy water sprinkler, but instead of holy water, it was filled with Molten Silver. As his punishment was slowly full filed, the molten silver burrowing into his skin and muscles, drying on his bones, he never lost consciousness. When it was done his first reaction was to have a smoke and much to his dislike he was taken to the medbay for treatment.

Shortly after that event, Xavier Cruz, while on a mission for the Armada, was captured by the Alliance Military. He was being held, awaiting trail when he managed to escape. In his escape he killed three Alliance Officers and wounded two others. Shortly after that Xavier dropped off the grid, only to reappear after a long absence.

  • Finding God

Xavier reappeared with what some might call a complete turn around. He clams to be a Holy Man, with full fledge papers showing him to be a "Agent of the Church and Missionary" to Father O'Hanley of St. Jude's Church on Hera, signed by the Archbishop Hildabrant. Xavier now considers himself, the Shepard of Lost Souls.

The Weapons

  • Colt Peacemaker - Currently In Alliance Lockdown
    • All the metal a dark gun metal black and the grip onyx with a pearl skull and two crossed sabers under it in the center, a old looking gold coin is hanging off the leather strip tied to the gun's grip.
  • Colt 1911 A19 - Currently In Alliance Lockdown
    • All the metal a dark gun metal black and the grip onyx with a pearl skull and two crossed sabers under it in the center, inscribed across the barrel of the gun is the following phrase "With Sinners there could be no Saints." in a smooth simple font.
  • Slipshot 44 - Currently In Alliance Lockdown
    • All the metal a dark gun metal black and the grip onyx with a pearl skull and two crossed sabers under it in the center, the laser also has been customized, it is a blue laser that displays a small skull and crossbones instead of the standard dot.
  • Survival Knife - Currently In Alliance Lockdown
    • 5" carbon steel blade is parkerized to eliminate glare. The top of the knife's blade has a saw-tooth edge and the hardened steel hexagonal butt. The grip is a thin leather strap.

Outstanding Warrants & Alliance Record

This is IC information.
This is the current list of warrants still in effect for the arrest of Xavier Cruz, this can only be brought up by Alliance Personal and only with reason.

//Alliance Report - Xavier Cruz//

It is recorded that Xavier Cruz does not like the Alliance in way shape or form, he is uncooperative and hostile. Formal First mate of the Blackjack, a independent pirate ship, also was the head corsair on one of the Pirate Commonwealth Ships. Xavier Cruz was awaiting trail, on Penal Colony, TZY, when he escaped. Whereabouts and current employer unknown. Last seen on Paquin.

  • Multiple Counts of the Act of Piracy
  • Multiple Counts of Breaking and Entering
  • Multiple Counts of Smuggling
  • Multiple Counts of Assault and Battery
  • Multiple Counts of Assault and Battery on Alliance Personal
  • Multiple Counts of Murder
  • Multiple Counts of Murder of a Alliance Officer
  • Multiple Counts of Attempted Murder of a Alliance Officer
  • Multiple Weapon Permit Violations
  • Impersonating a Alliance Officer
  • Impersonating a Companion
  • Aiding Known Criminals
  • Resiting Arrest
  • Public Lewdness
    • Is Flagged "Consider Armed and Dangerous"
    • Is Flagged "Use of Lethal Force Authorized"


Xavier Cruz is a human who appears to be from Hispanic descent and in his late twenties. He stands striking at about five feet ten inches tall. His silver hair cascades wildly down his face covering where a right eye would be while the back runs down the stopping at his neck. He is missing his right eye as for his left eye it is a deep violet and seem to be as dark and cold as a starless winter's night. The tip of his left ear appears to have been bitten off, leaving a rough jagged edge. His build is sleek and muscular for someone of his size. His soft skin is somewhat pale and is covered in various scars, the most noticeable are of course the large "X" through his right eye, the mark of the Pirates. Huge scars wrap around wrists and ankles. His back and the back of his arms are covered in complex tattoos that appear to be star charts, while the tattoo in the center of his neck, is a small black one of a bar code and "XCS-09876" written below it. Right below where a right eye would be, is another tattoo, also of a bar code, this one reading "TZY-7323-0983" for those who would know, a penal colony tattoo.

He is currently wearing a simple cream coloured button down shirt, tucked into his pants. Around his legs is a pair of dark tan cargo pants that are neither loose nor tight, they are somewhat in the middle, with thin black pin stripes running down them. His tan combat boots come up right below the ankle and are rather battered. Around his hands he dons a pair of leather firing gloves, the palm and wrist in a dark brown while the fingers a lighter tan. Hanging loosely around his waist is a brown leather belt with a large silver buckle on the front and two brown holsters hanging at his sides. Over all of his he wears a leather duster, that changes between light tans to darker browns, the stitch work done in white while the inside of the coat is lined with a soft white wool.