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Full name Xander Cromwel
Parents Both living
Siblings 3 sisters, elder married, others spreading religiosity
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Human Resource
Specialization PR
Gender Male
Height and Weight 5'9", 145 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • Boarding school and college on Londinium, studied some psychology
Military Service
  • No military service.


Xander was born and raised on Londinium. He managed his way through a poor childhood in a slum, all the way to university, where he studied psychology. He never graduated, instead vanished out of acquaintances and family's sight for many years. He recently surfaced on Osiris, contacted Damian Carmichael - a former co-student - and got himself hired at Red Lion Industries.


Those who met Xander could tell you he is self-absorbed, yet not completely selfish, as well as cleverly observant of others' personality quirks and hitches. He displays a deadpan sense of humor that cuts both ways, when he's not knitting up a confusing wordplay or just being plain occult. If you put him at ease, he'll entertain you with the first thing his hand - or mind - can grasp at. A tic of his, he makes his fetish antique dollar walk up and down his knuckles, by drumming his fingers. He usually keeps his emotional displays under the cover of a corny British composure.

Recent Events

For reasons not fully explained, Xander got abducted on his way back from an assignment on Persephone. His captor held him prisoner for many days, to release him on Osiris after several days of sleep deprivation, some good beat-ups and a leg-breaking session.

Pictures coming soon, and more!