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Allinace Patrol boat.jpg
Captain Rodney Kilbride
Class APC(Decommissioned)
Crew Capacity Up to 20
Cargo Capacity 400 Tons
Top Speed 2250
Command Crew
Engineering Crew
Security Crew
Medical Crew

Wulver. Bigger. Stronger. Faster

The Wulver name used to belong to a small ASREV owned by Rodney Kilbride. As his crew continued to grow, it did become quickly evident that an upgrade in living space, and cargo capacity was going to become a requirement, as crewpeople sleeping in hammocks all over the place was not particularly good for efficient operation.

Cody Martin, then Wulver's First Mate approached Lord Salin Fawzy about the possibility of renting one of Black Wolf Enterprises vessels, but was surprised to be offered rather better terms, including full ownership of a vessel, rather than a mere rental. After presenting these new terms to Rodney, which were quickly accepted, the small ASREV was turned over to Lord Fawzy, while Kilbride took ownership of the former Dark Embrace, a decommissioned and upgraded Alliance Patrol Cruiser.

This APC was quickly re-christened Wulver, in honour of its predecessor, and the werewolves of Scottish legend...peaceful creatures by nature, but terrifying in their anger.

After the ship was instrumental in helping Ugly Duckling Corp get off the ground, it's former First Mate sold her share of the vessel to the current First Mate, Hild Frobisher.

It is has been essential in getting another business off the ground, as Rodney Kilbride has built a factory on Whitefall, a planet that the Wulver now calls home. She now carries the flag of Angry Scotsman Industrial.

Wulver is not a ship for the faint of heart, or those looking for a peaceful existence. The ship and her crew have developed a reputation as hard drinkers, and harder fighters. This can likely be laid at the feet of her Captain, as the man has a short fuse, and a sense of honour that revolves around violence.


While there has been some turnover in crew for the Wulver, over the years...there is still a strong core of old hands. Aside from the long-time Captain, and First Mate...Abbey the senior gunslinger has been around for a good long time, as has Amelia, a jill of all trades. There are typically always openings aboard the ship, so long as the applicants are not Rom, or particularly fond of the Alliance.

For such a violent ship, the list of KIA crew sits at two.

Otto Jones was the first of the ship's lead gunslingers, and a dangerous foe. He was killed by the Alliance(killing most of a rapid response team in the process), and his death has not been forgotten, nor forgiven.

Rodney's pet Capuchin monkey, Cappy, was killed in a friendly fire incident while bravely trying to assist the human members of the crew in fighting off a Reaver boarding party.


| Fight. Fuck. Eat. Best Day Ever.: Rodney is infected by the Age of Origin disease, and drops in on his crew in the galley. Chaos ensues.