Wren Pearson

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Wren Pearson
Full name Wren Pearson
Parents Andrew and Margaret Pearson
Gender female
Status Inactive

Born in the Spring of 2501 on April 19th, Wren was the daughter of Andrew and Margaret Pearson, ranch hands on Shadow. Her first six years of life were filled with blue skies and green pastures. Only fragments of memory remain to her of that time: her mother's wispy blonde hairs at the nape of her neck when she snuggled close, her father's laugh and the scent of grass on his shirt. But then came the war and the end of her world.

Her parents were kind, honest people who believed in the Independent's cause and fought and died for that cause in a night filled with the cacophany of dropping bombs, screams, smoke and fire. Gathered up among the other surviving children from the ranch and surrounding areas, Wren was evacuated off the planet by Alliance forces. Dozens of children like her were then taken and housed in a refugee camp while the war continued. Most of them were orphans, their parents either dead or detained as POW's.

She found a parental surrogate in the eldest daughter of the ranch's owners, Katie Reston. Only sixteen years old herself, Katie did her very best to provide some sense of family and normalcy to the children who came with her from Shadow. Under her care, Wren had an easier time of adjusting to her new 'home'-- but that didn't change the fact that life in the camp was chaotic, crowded and almost always hungry. No matter how the war ended, they had lost everything, and even the children knew it.

The end of the war in 2511 did not immediately end her status as a refugee while the Alliance took stock of their resources and determined how best to deal with the sudden influx of people needing new homes, new jobs, new lives. But with peace came restored order and so the camp was dissolved by 2512, its inhabitants finally all sorted and identified and sent on their way. Without proper family to claim her, Wren was sent to an orphanage on Beaumonde. She never saw Katie Reston again.

By now Wren was 11 years old, and at first the orphanage was a welcome change from the camp, with a real bed, regular meals and classes to provide a basic education. She discovered a love of plants in the facility's garden, and her guardians were perfectly willing to support her in that, allowing her to study hydroponics. She had a knack for working with, and creating, her own system to support the growth and healthy development of whatever she was asked to produce.

These skills have stood her in good stead, allowing her to find positions on major shipping lines after the orphanage was shut down in 2518. Even so she has never been able to hold a position for more than a few months before finding that she needed to move on. Her longest lasting position was aboard the Celebrant out of Ariel, which she held for a record breaking nine months. But even that didn't manage to last, and she found herself out of options with the bigger commercial lines. She'd been fired from just about all of them, and the ones she hadn't been weren't willing to give her yet another chance.

Turning to smaller, privately owned ships, she has just signed on with the Invictus. Whether or not she'll be able to keep her new found berth remains to be seen...

After the Invictus explodes, she moves with the rest of the crew onto the ship reclaimed as Redemption. Let's hope that one avoids explosions in the future-- her homes have a nasty habit of blowing up.

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