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Winston b III Profile.jpg
Full name Winston Jacob Belleme III
Date of Birth 08 Oct 2496
Birthplace Ariel
Parents Winston Jacob Belleme II
Mary Annette Boothe-Belleme
Siblings None
Spouse None
Children None
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Brown, Blue
Height and Weight 6'0", 180


Standing six feet tall and weighing 180 pounds, Winston Jacob Belleme the third stands with the confidence and attitude of a man used to being in the public eye. His bown hair is kept slightly longer but is obviously cut to have that slightly unkept look on purpose. His blue eyes striking out from his angular features. His face is kept clean shaven, most of the time, as are his fingers well manicured.

Winston isn't wearing anything extrodinarily flashy or designer named. He wears a white button up dress shirt, untucked, with the top button undone and a pair of worn and rugged dark blue jeans. He also wears a ultra light weight black leather jacket and a comfortable looking and worn pair of black boots.


Winston Belleme is a man of culture and society, raised to be the head of his noble house and a servent to the people. A person that he is as much as he is not. Windston could be accused of living a double life, though he doesn't see it that way. You see, in the public eye he is every bit the made of integrity, poise and purpose you would expect from a Noble. Behind closed doors, in his private life, he seeks to find balance in the simple things. He likes a book and a drink, a swim on the beach or even a morning horse ride. There is also a darkness to him, brought on by the unsavory parts of his family's business.

Memorable Quotes

The Belleme Family

Belleme coat of arms.JPG ((Coming Soon))

History and background

Winston Jacob Belleme the thrid was born on Ariel to the noble Belleme family, to Winston Jacob Belleme II and Mary Annette Boothe-Belleme. Due to medical circumstances, the couple were unable to produce any other children and after the peaceful passings, Winston now stands the lone and only Belleme left.

Taking the oppertunities offered him in his previledged life, Winston is an educated man who has also taken time to travel the verse. Well, the parts that were deamed safe for him to see. With most of his life lived on Ariel, his family's home, there is still plenty more things for him to experience.

Winston Jacob Belleme II and Mary Annette Boothe-Belleme were the painted Nobles that you find in art and stories. Both products of the Noble culture and society that comes with it they were not always the most effectionate or involved parents. It was infact their most trusted advisor and family friend Christopher Townsend who played the closest thing to a father figure in his life.

The most pivital point in Winston's life is infact about to happen. Now into his early thirties, Winston is now under the public pressure of finding the next Mrs. Belleme. This isn't as simple as it looks. Because of his experiences as a child, Winston is seeking no blue blooded, society trained Noble to wed. If fact, if he could figure out a way to marry a street urchin and get away with it... He just might.

Timeline of Recent Events