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Full name Wilson Arthur Fisque
Date of Birth 3 Aug 2492
Parents Craig and Wilma Fisque
Siblings 0
Assignment Ezra
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue/Blonde
Height and Weight 7'6", 530'
Status Inactive
Employment History
  • Current: Lawyer, Ezra


This man is huge. Form the top of his blonde head to the bottom of his size thirty shoes. He stands well over seven feet tall and tips the scale at nearly five hundred pounds. His skin is tanned to a light brown shade. His massive bulk makes it nearly impossible for any sighted person to miss him if looking for him. His chest is the size of a side by side refrigerator and his thighs are as wide as an average man. His arms are as big as the leg of a sow. His neck is tick and he does not seem to have one. For his broad shoulders hide most of it and there is no definition to it. It appears as if his head just sprouts from his shoulders. His face is round and pudgy looking. His has small pursing lips that make the rest of his face seem larger. His eyes are heavily lidded and blue. They rest under hairless brows. His nose is wide with flaring nostrils. His hands are large and shovel like.


Wilson Arthur Fisque was born to wealthy parents. His father held a high position in the Blue Sun Corporation and was well paid. His father retired four years ago and still holds stock in the corporation. His mother was a loving woman and cherished her only son. Wilson had a problem though. He wouldn’t stop growing. His height is now seven feet six inches. He not only grew in height he grew in bulk as well. He has topped the scale at four hundred sixty two pounds at his last weigh in, but weighs more now. His weight was always a sore spot for him in school. He was called names and teased about it all the time. Also the fact that he had to wear braces on his legs and back most of his childhood never helped. In his freshman year of high school he nearly choked the life out of a fellow student for teasing him. Wilson’s father spent a great deal of money to get that little blemish removed from Wilson’s record. It was during these legal battles he came to realize his life goal. He would become a lawyer and then come back and crush these people that so harmed him in his youth. When he left high school he applied to collage and was accepted. There he studied law and graduated. After three tries he passed the bar and headed off to the rim to set up a practice.

Personality and Demeanor

He is a friendly outgoing man. He has a quick wit and warmth that is unusual for a man. He is slow to judge and as most lawyers do he has a morale vacuume. His demeanor is happy and pleasent. He has a passion for cigars.

Current Employment

Owns a law office on Ezra.

Current clients:


[[Valimai Johanneson]


Born August 3 2492. September 1 2513 Entered collage, June 1 2517 entered law school, Established the Fisque Law Group on Ezra October 15 2522. Puchased the LRS Lakota April 22 2523

Wilson is always ready to role play. Just ask and if he answers he is ready to play.