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William Winchester
Full name Earl William Lockwood Winchester I
Date of Birth July 28th, 2493
Parents Earl-Lieutenant Thomas Gray Bennett XIV (father, d. September 2522) and Dowered-Countess Elisabeth Bennett (mother)
Siblings Sarah Bennett (sister, b. 2491),
Oliver Bennett (brother, b. 2496),
Sammantha Bennett (sister, b. 2496),
Hannah Bennett (sister, b. 2499)
Spouse Josephine Bovie (engaged)
Children Tipper Mary McCullen (adopted daughter)
Assignment Patriarch, House Bennett of Londinium; President and CEO, Winchester Repeating Arms Co. of Hera
Specialization Business and Marketing, Computer use, Firarms (all kinds), Information Gathering, Social Skills.
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Light Blue/Brown
Height and Weight 6'/190 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Private tutoring for elimentary & secondary education;
MBA in Business Administration and Political Science - New Cambridge University, Londinium.

Military Service


Employment History

Current - President and CEO, Winchester Repeating Arms Co. of Hera

Personal Notes

Blood Type: B

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Earl Winchester

Earl William Lockwood Winchester I, a Core World Noble native to the planet of Londinium, is the President and CEO of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company of Hera.


William Winchester is a fair-skinned man standing at a height of 6-foot even. From the hint of definition given by his arms, it's clear that he stays just physically active enough to remain healthy. It's the features of his well defined face that make him breathtaking: completely smooth cheeks and a cleft chin devoid of any hint of stubble; soft, yet rich blue eyes; and brown hair long enough to part evenly over to the left that have been touched up with subtle auburn highlight to increase definition.

Personality and Demeanor

Being born into the Core World elite, William always conducts himself in an honorable and genteel fashion to all he interacts with, regardless of their station in life. He combines all the qualities of a 'frontier gentleman' with such charm that it's hard not to like him based on first impressions. He is very professional when it comes to business and the honor of his family, often placing their best interest before his personal interests. As a result of his many good qualities and status as an elligable bachellor, William possesses a 'playboy' streak, and is notorious for flirtatious behavior with single ladies. However, this latter behavior has grown more chaste since his engadgement to Josephine Bovie

Current Employment

Currently, William has assumed his duties as head patriarch of House Bennett of Londinium. As for the reasons behind the legal name change from 'Bennett' to 'Winchester,' or his future plans, William has remained silent and ellusive to everyone outside of his immediate family, who seem to have given their blessing. Mid-November 2522, a cortex WAVE aired regarding the opening of the Winchester Repeating Arms Company of Hera, Earl Winchester's own public firearms and general goods distributor, which operates out of his estate on Hera.

Character Biography


The first son of the wealth and respected House Bennett of Londinium, William Lockwood Bennett was groomed to be its next House Lord. The apple of his parent's eye, no expense was spared on the part of his parents: Earl-Lieutenant Thomas Gray Bennett XIV, House Patriarch and Alliance Reserve Officer, and Countess Elisabeth Bennett of Bernadette, in ensuring that William had the finest up-bringing and education. Rather than sending William out to one of the elite boarding schools of the Core, the Bennett's brought the most reputable teachers and tutors the Core could offer out to their home to educate their son, all the while immersing him in the Noble social circles through the many formal events they both attend and hosted.

Under the close guiding influences of his savvy parents, William blossomed when he came into his teen years: showing a sharp mind, and more importantly, an astute understanding to the importance of social etiquette and interaction. In spite of his increasingly rigorous education schedule set down by his parents, William still had time to interact and befriend many of the other children of the Londinium aristocracy. Today, two of his oldest friends are Earl-Commander Packard Thomas of Deptford and Lady Valimai Johanneson.

When the Unification War broke out in 2506, Earl-Lieutenant Bennett was called into active duty to serve with the Alliance Ground Forces. William, who was barely thirteen, would spend the next five years having a long-distance relationship with his father. Beyond just this impact, William quickly became mindful of the family’s financial standings as royalties on sales for ‘Winchester’ rifles and shotguns, to which House Bennett controlled both the manufacturing and distribution patents, moved away from legal vendors and onto the black market in the largest consumer area, the Rim. During this time, William’s greatest teacher became his mother Elisabeth, whom he saw possessed a very calculating, and cunning, mind; not just for house finances, but for creating the illusion that nothing was wrong within House Bennett.

In his father’s absence, William became the male figurehead of his family; escorting his mother to many social events, and often taking his father’s place in the meetings and events within the firearm circles where they had contacts and friends. To assist and protect William during this time, Countess Elisabeth hired Marshall Purdee; a middle-aged butler and retired Alliance Officer, to be William’s personal guard, aid, and advisor. Right away, William and Marshall formed a strong bond between them: William finding a ‘surrogate father’ which he could talk to and share his personal feelings with; and Marshall recognizing the potential that his young charge possessed. Even now, Marshall Purdee continues to serve William, and many take note that their relationship is far more informal that most master/butler relationships.

It was when William turned sixteen that he started taking an active interest into his family history and the nature of their wealth. It was this process of self-discovery that led William to Oliver Fisher Winchester, one of his great ancestors and the man whose name was given to the ‘Winchester’ line of Rifles and Shotguns. Inspired by the history of the man, both as a businessman and as a politician, William adopted his great-great ancestor as his idol; someone whom he could measure himself up against in his bit to assert himself later on in life, when it was his turn to take on the roll of patriarch.

Two months prior to William’s eighteenth birthday, the Unification War came to its bloody end with the Battle of Serenity Valley on Hera, a battle in which his father, Earl-Lieutenant Bennett, was one of the Alliance survivors. When the Earl Bennett returned from the field to Londinium, William and the rest of the family could see a change in their patriarch: a once suave and savvy military officer to a more somber, brooding man prone to bouts of seclusion. William spent what time he could with his father in the two months after Lord-Lieutenant Bennett's return before heading off to New Cambridge University; where he devoted his next four years to his studies in Political Science and Business Administration, and would graduate earning his MBA in both in the time it would take most to earn their BA.

After graduating from New Cambridge, William returned to his family's manor on Londinium to find that his father had just finished making arrangements to buy property on Hera just south of Serenity Valley and had made plans to retire there; a plan which his mother and siblings strongly disapproved of, especially after the recent diagnosis the house doctor had made on the increasingly reclusive Nobleman. William would try to convince his father as well not to make this investment, but his words would find deaf ears on Lord Bennett, and in the summer of 2516, Thomas retired to Hera alone and would spend the last six years of his life living on a fifteen-acre estate in a constant state of construction.

The family teetering on the brink of financial ruin, William again stepped up to be his father’s proxy, maintaining the business connections that the previous Patriarchs of House Bennett had worked so hard to garner and maintain. All this could do was slow the drain on the House resources brought on by the Earl-Lieutenant’s unrestricted spending for his property on Hera. This would lead to a gradual six-year decline in House Bennett’s social standing with the Core world’s elite.

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OOC Notes


During the recent public fuction at his estate on Hera, he made innuendoes to being involved in a rather serious relationship with Josephine Bovie, Assistant Guildmaster of the Bounty Hunter's Guild, by announcing her as 'his consort.'

Currently, House Bennett has made arrangements with the captain and executive officer of the Shadowdancer to be the exclusive ship to transport Winchester Repeating Arms goods.

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Series 1 Trading Card


William Winchester
Card Number: 14
'How the wild west was won'. That's a term that tends to come to mind when someone hears the name Winchester.
The name dates back to the Earth-That-Was and continues to hold a reputation for guns that no one else can.
With a blood line tracking back to someone who continued to build their house with stairs that led to no where
and doors that opened to brick walls due to the ghosts would get her if she did not, it makes one wonder if
this Lord will follow in the same fate eventually.