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Full name William DeLaVinci
Date of Birth February 17th, 2493
Parents Antonio DeLaVinci (Father, Deceased.) & Rebecca DeLaVinci (Mother, Deceased.)
Siblings Faye (Younger sister), Draius (Younger brother), and A.J. {Antonio Jr.} (Older brother)
Spouse Unwed
Assignment Engineer/Mechanic, Crimson Shield Security
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Sky blue eyes, Dark blue hair
Height and Weight 6'0" & 165lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information


Brief Background

  • Has three siblings:
    • A.J. (Antonio Jr.) who is 6 years older than him, he is a mercenary.
    • Darius DeLaVinci who is 4 years younger than him, he is a doctor.
    • Faye DeLaVinci who is 10 years younger than him, she is a pilot, security, and trader.
  • Travelled with his family after their parents died when he was 13 years old in the war.
  • Learned how to farm on the outer rim planets.
  • Mar '25: Signed upon the Crimson Shield Security as a their back up engineer/mechanic.


William stand infront of you at about 6 foot 2 inches, he has very broad shoulders and a rather flat stomach. He seems like he is in very good shape, mainly all muscle and probably weighing 190lbs of muscle possibly more. He has short somewhat spikey dark blue hair and he has very light sky blue eyes, he skin is slightly tan and his hands slightly calloused perhaps from doing mechanic work. He has a very strong jaw and somewhat prominent cheekbones with a average nose.

He is wearing a rather comfortable t-shirt with a pair of carpenters jeans, black military style work boots upon his feet. Over his t-shirt is a black slight worn leather jacket. The lower pockets in the jeans look like they are filled with tools for working on ships and the jeans are somewhat stained with grease

Crimson Shield Security

In Mar of '25 William joined the Crimson Shield Security As a their back-up engineer/mechanic.

Fun Tidbits About William

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