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Local Authority Department of Parks and Recreation
Population 36.5 million
Terraformed 2410
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle Yes
Type Planet
Size Class 10 (J)
Class Rim
Orbit Tenth from Kalidasa
Coordinates 3990, -1990, 70
Satellites Ita Moon
Market Information
Commodities Market No

Encyclopedia Galactica 2507.. Whittier.. Article form..


"Whittier was one of the first actual experiments in terraforming. A small planet/moon circling Salisbury's Star, it was selected for its size and out of the way location on the edge of the local star cluster. Close enough for easy access, it could serve as a perfect example of the experiment's success, but it was far enough off the beaten track that it could be hidden should things go awry.

But success it was, proving that terraforming was a viable process and Earth's survivors need not all crowd onto one planet. From 2207 through 2308, the planet served as a working laboratory, with plants and animals introduced in varying combinations until a stable ecosystem resulted. It was found that..."

update In the last few months, due to vandalism and damage done to historical buildings as well as University property, The Alliance Department of Parks and Recreation has taken over the administration of the Planet. Permits are now required for wilderness adventures and examination of the ruins.

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The drama-documentary/Alliance propaganda tool "When Bad Happens".