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Local Authority Patience
Population 2.5 million
Terraformed 2360
Sim. Status Fully coded
Restricted Landing No
Public Shuttle Yes
Type Moon
Size Class 4 (D)
Class Rim
Orbit Fourth from Athens
Coordinates 2630, 2730, -10
Market Information
Commodities Market Yes
Imports Can Goods
Parts - Civil
Exports Chickens
Low Tech
Luxury Foods
"Should think about asking the captain to drop you somewhere else. Whitefall ain't exactly civilization in the strictest sense..."
― Wash, to Simon, in the "Serenity" episode

Whitefall is the fourth moon of Athens, and like the other three moons is nicer to live on than the planet itself. A good portion of this small world is run by a woman named Patience. Whitefall was untouched by military conflict during the war, but the populace still felt the harsh effects of trade disruptions. Most people here live by means of farming, ranching or hunting. A popular pastime is bare-knuckle boxing matches, fought between ranch hands or champions of the local bosses. Spectators bet on the matches and bragging rights are held dear by the winners. The threat of Reaver raiding parties has made the settlers here over-protective and perhaps a bit paranoid.

There is a rumor that Blue Sun has hidden one of its factories in the mountains of one of Athens' moons, though no one knows what they might manufacture there, or why it would be there.

In The Verse


  • Whitefall General Store
  • The Slaughterhouse - a working slaughterhouse by day, and cattleman's club by night. Patience is notably unwelcome here.
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Canon References

  • the crew flies to Whitefall to try and sell their stolen goods to Patience, in the "Serenity" pilot episode.
  • having been left for dead on Whitefall in the pilot episode, Lawrence Dobson reappears there in a hideout where he has been plotting his revenge, in the comic book "Those Left Behind".
  • Serenity: The Movie
  • Whitefall is one of the settings in Serenity RPG Adventures - Ghosts of the Rebellion.