White Sun

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The central star of the Verse is known as White Sun in English, and Bai Hu (White Tiger) in Chinese. Most of the worlds which directly orbit this star are considered to be Core or Central Worlds. Those orbits include:

First: Bernadette, orbited by Nautilus and Spinrad
Second: Londinium, orbited by Colchester
Third: Sihnon, orbited by Airen and Xiaojie
Fourth: Liann Jiun
Seventh: Osiris, orbited by Epeuva
Eighth: protostar Qin Shi Huang
First from Qin Shi Huang: Santo, orbited by Tethys and New Luxor
Tenth: Bellerophon, orbited by Tyrins, Xanthus and Parth
Eleventh: Ariel, orbited by Ariopolis, Shiva and Poseidon
Thirteenth: protostar Lux
First from Lux: Persephone, orbited by Hades and Renao

(Objects in bold are coded, not all orbits are shown.)

The other four stars in the system also orbit White Sun: Georgia and Red Sun share an orbital path outside of the core, with Kalidasa and Blue Sun even further out.