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Full name Jewel Bryson
Parents **Classified**
Siblings **Classified**
Spouse Unwed
Assignment None currently
Specialization Combat Operations
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue eyes, Blonde hair
Height and Weight 5'9", 130 lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information

Private tutors

Military Service
  • Served in the Alliance, capacity unclear
  • One of only three in her unit to survive the war
  • Honorably Discharged after Browncoat Surrender -


Whisper stands about 5'9", weighing near 130 lbs. She is in good shape, with a swimmer's body. She has blonde hair slightly past her shoulders, and deep blue eyes. Wherever she goes, she wears a red velvet choker from which dangles a black-and-ivory cameo.

Brief Background

  • Served in the Unification war at an early age for the Alliance
  • Has done security work, mostly for various nobles on Sihnon and Osiris since the war.
  • Until early Dec '24, worked for a Lord Ye on Sihnon. When her contract ended, he chose to employ his own cousin instead of rehiring her.
  • Middle Dec '24, hired by Crimson Shield Security, currently Active.
  • Christmas Day, '24, did a lot of running during the attack on Lord Damian Carmichael and the destruction of the Anti-Terrorism monument on Persephone by terrorists. Irony not lost.
  • January '25, participated in the rescue of Lady Kayla Mayweather, along with Hase O'Donald and Ronnie Mercer.

Crimson Shield Security

In December of '24 Whisper's employment with Lord Ye came to an unfortunate end. Her contract had expired, and Ye decided to retain the services of his own cousin (at significatly reduced expense) rather than renew her contract. Whisper parted with the lord on good terms however, and he gave her a letter of recomendation. Arriving on Persephone a few days later, she hired on with Crimson Shield Security after running into the owner Morgan Kendrick in one of the ports of that world.

Then one day, she vanished without a trace. Six months later, a rumor had her seen on Persephone, or was it Hera?

Random Notes

  • Always wears a red velvet choker with an ivory-and-black cameo dangling from it.
  • Doesn't talk.
  • Writes in Cyan.
  • Expert in Jui-Jitsu.
  • Addicted to painkillers.
  • Likes salty soft pretzels.
  • Doesn't sleep much.

Song of the Week

Hero of War - Rise Against

Photo Gallery

Various pictures of Whisper in different outfits.