Weylin Cadman

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Full name Weylin M. Cadman
Date of Birth 3.17.2492
Parents Michael & Sarah Cadman
Siblings Brian (27), Blake (29), Rachael (25), Bridgette (32), Michael (Deceased)
Spouse Emma "Emerald" Lyla O'Conner-Cadman
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Blue & Grey/ Black
Height and Weight 6'4" / 240 lbs
Status Inactive

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Tragic Youth

Weylin was born in the middle of March in 2492, Born into the insular culture of the tribes on Three Hills. He was the first child of Sarah and Michael Cadman. Though it remains unsure if he just thought up the last name or if it was passed down by his parents.

His youth was far from normal and far from easy, as life on Three Hills is and has always been anything but easy. His days spent with his father learning to track, hunt, and survive. While during the evenings his mother would teach him about the verse from what she knew of it and even music.

At the age of 10 he found himself killing his first person, An act of defense and survival as a older boy from a neighboring tribe had wanted to test their skills and cunning and Weylin seemed to be the easiest pickings. Weylin though injured in the attack did win, and return the favor only successfully to kill the other youth and claim them for his tribe. After that he was considered a man, and was given his first tattoo showing that he had grown into adult hood in the eyes of his people.

Life went on like this for 6 more years, of the dog eat dog mentality. The kill or be killed with the other tribes and on one occasion within his own. On the day of his 16th birthday, he left three hills for good as a day of celebration turned into one of tragedy for the man. A neighboring tribe held an attack on their village, and in the attack there was just one Cassualty, Weylin's younger brother. Weylin consumed by his grief for his brother and at his failure to protect him left three hills for good. Finding his way to the spaceport in the dead of the night and luckily coming across a ship landed for emergency purposes. He was able to gain a ride off world...

A soldier is born

A Mustang's Story

Service Record

  • March, 19th 2508- Enlists in the Alliance at the age of 16 under special circumstances after leaving Three Hills.
  • March, 20th 2508 - May, 9th - Alliance Basic training
  • May, 10th 2508 - June 4th - Advanced Infantry School
  • June, 5th - July 16th - Scout School
  • July 26th 2508 - Attached to an Advanced scout unit deployed to Bellerphon, The battle there lasts for 6 weeks. Is promoted to Cpl.
  • September 2508 - November 2508 - Takes part in various actions against Independent forces in the border worlds.
  • December 2508 - January 26th 2509 - Deployed to Beaumonde, Assists in the capture of New Dunsmuir. In the last days of fighting for the city he is injured and evac'ed to a MASH unit.
  • January 26th - February 3rd 2509 - Recieves medical attention for shrapnel and GSW, but leaves against a doctors recomendation to rejoin his unit.
  • February 15th 2509 - April, 27th 2509 - Volunteered to undergo training at the Alliance Reconnaisance School, Graduates at the top of his class and is promoted to Sgt.
  • April 29th 2509 - June 2510 - Attached to a Advanced Reconnaisance Unit and deployed to Verbena. During this time Weylin sees action on WhiteFall, Silverhold Colonies and Saint Albans. Promoted to Gunnery Sgt. in January of 2510.
  • July 2510 - August 26th 2510 - Takes part in the Siege of Du Khang, During which Weylin while working as a scout leading an advance attack patrol was injured in a explosion from an enemy device. While working towards an extraction point he was injured once more by small arms fire from opposition forces. He was left for dead and initially believed to be dead due to becoming incapacitated from trauma. 2 hours later he was found by an Alliance Patrol and given medical evac.
  • August 26th 2510 - November 2510 - Is kept at a Military hospital to treat his injuries as well as for rehab. During this time he is offered a medical discharge and refuses citing "I don't quit that easily."
  • January 2511 - Returns to Full Active duty.
  • February 2511 - July 2511 - Deployed to Hera to assist in the fighting with Independent forces there. Takes part in the Battle for Serenity Valley where he got a new respect for the Independents as a brave and capable enemy. Assists in clearing out resistance pockets after the signing of the Unification Treaty. Recieves some small injuries but opts for a corpsman rather then a regular doctor.
  • August 2511 - September 2513 - Assigned as a Instructor at the Alliance Reconnaisance School and promoted to MSGT.
  • September 2513 - Recieves a recommendation for OCS by the Commander of the Alliance Reconnaisnace School and is accepted into the program.
  • October 2513 - January 2514 - Attends OCS. While at first the rigors of study were difficult for the young man who had a informal education he was able to make a friend with another young officer canidate fresh from the Academy, the two struck a bargain that the other young soldier would give lessons to Weylin in his trouble subjects in exchange for helping with field manuevers and other like subjects. Weylin sadly did not graduate at the head of his class, He was within the 15 percent that lead the class, And at the lower portion of even that regretably.
  • January 2514 - January 2518 - Given his commision as an officer and attached to Planning & Logistics of the Alliance Reconnaisance School. Assisting in creating new training programs for new volunteers to the school. During this time is promoted to Captain
  • February 2518 - December 2526 - Requests and is granted a return to the Field. Assists in various operations on behalf of the Alliance with the 42nd Recon. During this time he is promoted to Major and acts as XO to the Battalion.
  • January 2527 - Weylin is given his own Recon Detachment to have Command of.
  • February 2527 - Seriously injured during the initial attack and then pursuit of the terrorists behind the Ezra attack. Though he did manage to injure the primary suspect and then kill another who was attempting to aid in the escape from apprehension.

Awards & Commendations


In recent history


People of the verse


  • Alexa: A talented soldier who has proven themselfs to care about the work that they do in the eyes of Weylin. Also serves as his NCO.


  • Emerald: First encountered while the woman was under attack by Persephone youth under a hail of snowballs. Enjoys the womans company and calls her his /stalker/. Has grown to know more about her since being injured with her during the attack on Ezra.
  • Koraline: Met the young woman on Persephone, Enjoys her company as her mood seems to never be dampered by anything. Always focusing on the little things and taking joy from them.
  • McManus: Thinks well of the savior of souls and chickens alike, More so since the deal about not being called major all the time for not calling the man of the cloth father anymore.
  • Braenen: Thinks are odd between these two, Everytime they meet something bad happens or is bound to or atleast the events to date make it seem that way.
  • Blake: Chief of security on the Guan-Yin, Although an Indie Weylin respects the man and has had a laugh or two with him.
  • Donna: Captain of the Guan-Yin, and from what Weylin has seen is a good person. Enjoys the chances to talk with the young captain and finds her to if nothing else be among the most compassionate people he has ever met.
  • Anise: Though he has only talked with the woman on two occasions each has proven interesting.
  • Erin: BROWNIES!!!!!






  • Can't speak Chinese
  • Plays the guitar
  • Knows mostly earth-that-was songs