Warrick Harrow

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Warrick Harrow
Warrick Harrow
Full Name: Warrick Alastair Harrow
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Age: 42
Height: 5'9"
Weight: 235
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Thinning and Sandy
Date of Birth: 2481
Place of Birth: Persephone
Rank: Noble Lord
Position: Blue Sun Shareholder
Marital Status: Perpetual Bachelor
Affiliation: Nobles
Sir Warrick Alastair Harrow is the majority owner in the shipping company Harrow, Till, and Sieve.
He is well known amongst many circles and is a character of 'remarkable' reputation.


     Warrick Harrow isn't what anyone would consider an attractive man. Soft, plump, thinning hair, there really isn't much to look at. But despite his bland, almost homely appearance, people seem to be somewhat drawn to him. Perhaps it's simply the way he carries himself? His blue eyes are set in a soft face that's round and just beginning to show the wrinkles of middle age, and bespeaks a near feral alertness. Those blue eyes do sparkle with an almost arrogant amusement of the world around him. Deep within them in, if you care to look, burns a passionate almost predatory fire. He has a neatly trimmed, greying, D'Artangnon like goatee beard. It's easy to see that he's not one accustomed to a hard life or lack of a meal. His hands are clean and well manicured, the spare tire around his middle isn't easily hidden by clothing, no matter how well tailored. He carries himself, however, like any nobleman should, head held high and haughty little smile offered to anyone that he should choose to grace with his presence. The man has either impecible taste, or someone that shops for him does. He wears a stark black dress coat with a gold embroidered leaf pattern running down it, over a carefully tailored white band collared shirt. He wears crisply pressed black dress trousers bloused over highly shined black dress shoes. A brilliant red ceremonial sash issues forth from the embroidered fist of a gauntlet that is sewn into his right shoulder board and runs across his chest to disappear around the back of hem of his jacket. On his chest are a collection of colorful medals that may or may not be mere decorations.


     I was born as the only living child to a very desperate and very overprotective pair of Persephone nobles. I received a pretty standard education, I reveled in physical pursuits at school but never truly applied myself, I have an innate talent for swordplay. I loved the tactical brinksmanship of Artistic Vandalism. I organized a group of my friends into a 'Strike Team'. If it wasn't for my father's influence i would've been kicked out of school many times. My father was proud of my grades though and pushed a disciplined lifestyle all the harder.In my younger years, right after college, I decided to get a job with Blue Sun so that I'd have some practical experience in business when it came time for me to run the family business. I inherited my assets. Anyway, while in Blue Sun employ I achieved the position of Department Head of Persephone Distribution for the Directorate of Peripheral Affairs. It was a higher level management position, one step below an executive office. That would give me a strong understanding on the business dealings on Persephone, were I am based out of. Eventually, though, I left the company to pursue my own business affairs after achieving the status of Shareholder.


Warrick Harrow rubs elbows with the rich and well to do. He fits in well with them, but rumors abound that he's not afraid to get his hands dirty dabbling here and there in the more unseemly side of life in the 'Verse. He does, however, seemingly have standards and the apparent strong desire to keep his dabbling dirty hands clean as far as others are concerned. He has a sense of honor that might surprise those around him and once a man, or woman, has proven their character to him he's one to offer respect in return.