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Full name Vyrodok Sobaka
Date of Birth January 1, 2494
Assignment Engineer, Red Angel
Specialization Computer Systems
Gender Male
Status Inactive
Education Information

University of Londinium



Of no remarkable height nor girth, standing flat-footed at a couple inches shy of six foot with an athletic build to match. While the majority of his features are slim, he has some apparent muscle to show off in turn as well. His eyes are of an oddity, a swirl of hazle in each, both a mixture of brown and resonant forest green. His hair is a dark brown, of moderate length, though overgrown to his shoulders along the back.

The structure of his face, handsome at the best of times, though obviously is lacking the ritualized maintenance of the general population. His jaw line slim, though his cheekbones and chin stand pronounced. The tone of his skin is fair, not quite pale as he appears to have gotten into at least meagre sunlight. A greater than average collection of stubble has formed upon the man's face, making for a short makeshift beard.

His bare forearms hold something out of place for such a formally dressed man, an abstract sleeve of a tattoo running halfway down either with no discernable design. He holds several more tattoos as well, though none visible under his usually full attire.