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Full name Zachary Von Dyetrich
Date of Birth May 20, 2488
Parents Gudren Von Dyetrich (Living) and Neale Wolf (Deceased)
Siblings None
Assignment LRS Ming Yunn
Specialization Hacker/Pilot
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Green/Ginger
Height and Weight 5'6, 175lbs
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • No formal training
Employment History


  • Served as Chief Pilot on the Phoenix for 8 months
  • Was head Computer Information Specialist and Chief of Security for 6 months on the Chong Sheng, until the transport ship was decommissioned

PC History

Zachary Von Dyetrich was born on Paquin, where he was raised solely by his mother Gudren. Gudren, an accomplished con artist who ran a fortune telling booth at the Cirque Noir, preyed on travelers and tourists, and from an early age he was made to assist her in cleaning out their pockets and parting them from their valuables. Supportive of neither Unification nor The Independents during the war, it wasn't until he was notified that his father, a man he knew nothing of save for his name, had been shot down in the line of duty by Alliance forces that he eventually departed from the con life. Shortening his name to the moniker Vondye, he set out to prove himself and claim a piece of the ‘verse by latching on to the planet’s underworld culture. Little is known about what he was involved in during this time, and when questioned about it, he simply changes the subject. However, based on his excessive knowledge of computer systems and databases, and from things he's let slipped to others, it's been speculated that it may have been linked to information hacking and others forms of computerized sabotage.

Several years passed before Von emerged from the underground and pursued yet another line of work: piloting. Desperate to get as far away as possible from the rock he called home, he landed an apprenticeship that eventually lead him to a cushy position as co-pilot. But higher ambitions, an inflated ego, and a badly botched job found him back at ground zero.

After some months of drunken vagrancy and petty thievery, Von was caught trying to rob Breona Ree, who was the captain of the Phoenix at the time. Instead of being thrown to the authorities, he was given the chance to literally re-launch his career and set himself on the straight and narrow. This time he managed to make it to Chief Pilot, lasting all of eight months before falling prey to old selfish habits. Upon resigning, he spent half a year on Persephone, staying just one step ahead of trouble. It wasn’t until acquaintances and drinking buddies Naiya Beddau & Johnny Farnam acquired the Chong Sheng that he was given a stab at another job. When asked to join their crew, he cleaned up his act yet again and landed a position in dealing with computer systems.

But life on the Sheng was short lived. After the captain and XO failed to return from a mission, the crew went their separate ways, and the ship was decommissioned. Blaming the fate of the Sheng and its crew on his incompetence as third-in-command, Von acquired his own crappy small craft and went back home to Paquin. Bad luck, guilt, and a whole lotta hooch have taken their toll on him. He currently spends his days in a fractured state, drinking, thieving, drifting, and sharing tales of his glory days with anyone who will listen.


VonDye stands about 5'6, his body lean and muscular. His eyes are a deep green, the left one mostly pupil as it's permanently dilated. A narrow nose, the bridge crooked as if it's been previously broken, and a squarish face complete the features.

Like the crest of a rooster, hair the color of rust sticks up in clumps from the top of his head. Below his lip, he sports a goatee in a neatly trimmed triangular shape.

He wears a short sleeved kung fu style shirt in a dark red color. Up close, it can be seen that it has a dragon motif done in faint, raised stitching. The animal's body stretches in a diagonal across the front of the garment, with its snarling visage emblazoned across the back of the shoulders. The frog clasps at the front of the shirt are opened, revealing a plain, black wifebeater. From the neckline rises a tattoo done in thick, black ink. When examined close-up, it is recognized as a squid, its tentacles extending up to his jawline. Olive green cargo pants fit loosely on his body, a simple belt with a sheath for a large knife around his waist.

In a dark maroon, a cloth newsboy cap is perched upon his head. A pair of black leather fingerless gloves and polished back boots complete the outfit. He is usually seen carrying or wearing a heavy black duster. The coat has a patch on the right sleeve, decorated with an oak in full autumn colors.


Few people have come to know the real Zachary. He appears to be a fairly laid back, blunt individual who, despite being a drunken bastard most of the time, rarely shows a complete loss of temper. Nor does he ever seem entirely serious. However, despite his efforts to portray himself as a bad arse, his overall demeanor is usually a ruse, and his actions speak louder then his words. He adapts to circumstances effortlessly, quickly becoming reserved and aloof, or focused and diligent, doing whatever is required to overcome the situation at hand.

Von has a history of conning and thieving, and the desire to pilfer what doesn’t belong to him is sometimes irresistible. Though he claims to have his kleptomaniacal urges under control, this, his penchant for distorting the truth, and his often slovenly mannerisms may make others consider him untrustworthy. But he is not without his own moral code, and his sense of loyalty is fierce. Despite his unsavory attributes, he takes care of any he calls friend or family.

Von’s lesser seen complexity emerges in his interest in classic earth-that-was literature, computer systems, and languages, though he often doesn’t volunteer this information. However, if the opportunity to brag about any of his capabilities presents itself, he will gladly take it, as his ego is near the size of a small planet.


"I finally got my arse a job. No more bummin' and pickin' up cheap floozies!"

"Well, least I got an amusin' read oughta it all." Von pulls the crumpled leaflet from his pocket and waves it. The front is emblazoned with 'How to determine if you are, indeed, a drunk in 12 easy questions!' in big, bold writing.

"But anyway, he ain't finished. His gig ain't up. Terrified of losing control? Well, that's why folk make backup plans. And when all else fails, folk can swim. Man is fish and man is mammal. Unfortunately, he ain't bird."

"Gorram 'ell, /not/ chickens. Please, no chickens. Ain't the noise, or the cleanin', or the butcherin'. It's the actual /chickens/. They're blood thirsty birds, they are."

"Could ya maybe rephrase that, in a way I could understand? Cos I swear, ya lost me around 'calculating variables.'

"An enlightening speech. Some day, I may even be enlightened by it,"

"Sounds like somethin' some uppercrust inbred would think up so they can play at bein' all adventurous."

"Ole lady luck's thrown me off 'er doorstep and taken off with the loot, the whore."

"But what this ole machine might need is some tender lovin'. Come on, girlie, gimme my creds."

"Latent vampiric tendencies of a psychological nature? I think some broads would find that endearing."

"Beer always tastes so much better when drunk at high velocities."

"Nobles must be gettin' right bored, if this is the new form of entertainment. What do ya suspect it is? Avante Garde dockside theater? And here I thought I've seen it all."

"Hey, Gussie, how ya doin'? I wanna ask ya somethin. I'm good lookin, right? I mean, no fancy pants classic Grecian, but good lookin?"

"My dear, they don't fire the Von. The Von is just too good."

"Ya know, i'd make a snide comment, but in this case, you've hit the gorram nail on the head. Can't quip against truth."

"In case of impending death: Duck under pilot chair, cover your head with your hands, and guzzle contents of bottle."

Nothing But the Facts, Ma'am:

-Is rarely sober
-Partially blind in his left eye
-Has a photographic memory
-Except when extremely drunk or otherwise debilitated, in which he will then get his memories mixed up
-Can play the violin...badly
-Compulsively lies
-Will work con jobs when it suits him
-Is occasionally trigger happy
-And blade happy
-Claims to be able to crack any security system in the 'verse
-Owned a trained pet rodent named Agamemnon
-Is mostly a vegetarian
-Occasionally goes by the aliases 'The General' and 'Doctor V.'


Besides doing freelance work with the LRS Ming Yunn, Vondye is currently employed by the Medical Wellness Clinic as an ambulance pilot.


VonDye's Log Files and Misc fun: http://vondyetrich.livejournal.com/