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Full name Vivian Youngblood-Black
Date of Birth November 17, 2497
Assignment Jia
Specialization Pilot/Cargo Hand
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Reddish-Brown Hair, Brown eyes
Height and Weight 5'2"/120
Status Inactive


  • 2497 - Born to Karl and Lilian Youngblood. Younger sister to Evelyn Youngblood.
  • 2506 - Unification War begins.
  • 2511 - Unification Day and end of the war.
  • 2517 - Enters University
  • 2518 - Earns large inheritance and purchases a Firefly class ship.
  • 2518 - Lands on Persephone where ship is stolen
  • 2521 - Applied and accepted to the crew of the Redemption as a pilot.
  • 2522 - Promoted to Cargo Master on the Redemption.
  • 2523 - Left the Redemption
  • 2523 - Hired into Fisque Law Group.
  • 2523 - Promoted to Captain of the LRS Lakota
  • 2523 - Hired Part-Time for cargo aboard the Jia
  • 2523 - Married John Black
  • 2523 - Hired full time aboard the Jia
  • 2523 - Husband John Black found murdered on Persephone


Vivian was the second daughter of a middle class family. Her education doesn't go beyond a year in a small college on Hera. She dropped out of school when her family died tragically, leaving her with a fairly significant inheritance. With the inheritance she purchased her own ship and tried her luck at being a simple courier. Her first run failed miserably with the contacts hijacking her ship and leaving her on Persephone. She was there for approximately 3 years working in a local mine until joining the crew of the Redemption as a pilot.

After multiple months of training and running cargo on the Redemption, Vivian met up with a man named John Black. Due to various differences of opinion, she finally left the Redemption to pursue her own path. This soon led to join Fisque Law Group with John Black. She was quickly promoted to a leader of the organization due to her eager and hard work. Recently the LRS Lakota was acquired by the firm, and Vivian was given the captain position aboard the ship and given a small crew for the even smaller ship.

Due to an unlikely friendship with Bmal Enyad of the Jia, Vivian was hired on part time to run cargo. This garners her a bit extra cash that she often funnels into the law groups funds as well as her own.

Because of a sudden disappearance of Wilson Fisque, Vivian was forced to take up full time work aboard the Jia. She still has control of the LRS Lakota until Wilson returns to reclaim it.

An unlikely turn of events made an engagement between Vivian and Mak. This would have been followed by a lenthy engagement, as the two parties were pretty sure they had lost their minds. In the following months however, they parted ways and basically stopped seeing anything of each other. It was in this time that Vivian decided what was best for her was to get away from Makawe. She is now involved with her Captain, Bmal Enyad, and seems content to keep her life simple by living aboard the Jia and avoiding most outside contact besides the crew.


Did you know...

  • Is allergic to some sort of plantlife on Yinyang
  • Her closest friend is Jason "Mak" Makawe.
  • Hates noodle bowls.
  • A complete clutz. She has an uncanny ability to trip over anything.
  • Has a fear of darts due to being hit in the head with one when she was younger.