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Full name Violet Taylor
Date of Birth Feb 14th, 2512
Birthplace Hera
Parents Jimmy and Bess Taylor
Spouse Unwed
Assignment The Wulver
Specialization Spaceship engine mechanic
Gender female
Eyes and Hair Violet and brownish-black
Height and Weight 5'2" and 130 lbs
Status active
Education Information

Primary school until the age of 12, then apprenticeships

Employment History

15 ships in 7 years. PC employers include Elliot Hayes, Captain of the Ethereal Embrace, and Rodney Kilbride, Captain of the Wulver (current)


Violet is a petite, curvy young woman, with long, dark wavy hair, framing a pale, heart-shaped face with a foxy chin. She has a small delicate nose over a wide, laughing mouth, framed with dimples. Her lips and cheeks are softly flushed, without makeup. Her eyes are her most remarkable feature; large and deeply blue, what they call "violet", framed with thick dark lashes.

Violet stands about 5'2" tall, her stained and grubby coveralls covering a curvy little body, with very small hands and feet. Those feet are clad in equally grubby work boots with steel caps, and her long hair is pulled back into a ponytail, with a brightly coloured bandana wrapped around her head. There are faint smudges on her cheeks and her hands and nails are dirty and callused; definitely not idle hands, these. Her posture is straight, and her manner open and cheerful.


Cheerful, affectionate, a little slutty, eager to please, short tempered, spunky, competant, easily amused. Violet respects loyalty, affection, and generosity. She hates bigotry, selfishness and prudery.

Random Information

Violet is a ship's mechanic, working her way around the 'Verse, looking for a crew that makes her feel at home. She lost her parents at a young age, and is on a perpetual quest to find a family of her own. She refuses to get involved in any kind of romantic relationships, denying the existence of love, but enjoys sex quite a bit and is very comfortable discussing it, openly. She reads trashy novels, and likes finding new ways to improve the Wulver, and seeing new places.


Violet used to work for Elliot, but now belongs to the crew of the Wulver, captained by Rodney Kilbride. She and Rodney have an intense, tumultuous and complex relationship, but Violet is fiercely loyal to her captain.

Riggs and Aleza are a young couple who joined the crew of the Wulver shortly after Violet, and became a couple shortly after that. Violet regards them both with a sort of sisterly affection.

Amelia is a gunslinger that Violet admires and respects immensely, and is somewhat in awe of.

Cody is the Wulver's XO, and Violet respects her, is a little afraid of her, and finds her somewhat baffling.

Tien and Mei joined the crew, after Riggs found them during a long search for his brother (Tien). Violet likes Tien very much, although she finds his relationship with Mei somewhat confusing, as they're clearly besotted with each other, but maintain a strictly platonic relationship.

Crow is a Romani barkeep and tattoo artist that Violet picked up in a bar, and he gave her first tattoo. Rodney disapproves of anyone and anything Rom, but Violet quite likes Crow, and sees him regularly.

Jake Piller is another of Violet's former boyfriends, but, after Rodney shot him, their relationship has cooled, somewhat.

Head Scarf

Violet's bandanas.jpg

Violet can usually be seen in a rather grubby, oil-stained coverall, with long sleeves. Her sole self-expression, when it comes to her clothing, is her headscarf, which changes depending on her mood. They are usually brightly coloured, and tied around her head, trying, but failing to keep her dark curls from falling in her eyes.



Attached to Violet's extremely battered and grubby pink PDA, is a small, even more grubby, and rather sinister-looking rag doll, named Pyewacket. Violet rarely draws attention to Pyewacket or mentions it, but it is the sole surviving remnant of her recently-ended childhood, and she keeps it with her at all times.



This is the first tattoo that Crow gave Violet, on their second date. It is a large tattoo across her middrift that looks like her skin is parting to reveal that, underneath, she is a ship's engine.