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Full name Dr. Vincent Wilmoth Andorhal
Date of Birth September 19, 2489
Parents Victor Charles and Marie Sou Andorhal
Siblings None
Assignment Chief Helmsman, Tienlong
Specialization Flight Operations & Combat
Gender Male
Eyes and Hair Hazel eyes, brown hair
Height and Weight 6'3" (190.5cm) 207lbs (93.9kg)
Status Inactive
Education Information
  • BS in History, Ma'Sara University, Londinum
  • BS in Philosophy, Ma'Sara University, Londinum
  • PhD from Daneel University, Londinum
Military Service
  • Flight Lieutenant, Alliance Fighter Command (Honorably Discharged)
Employment History


Vincent Wilmoth Andorhal was born on Ezra to Victor Charles and Marie Sou Andorhal. Even before the war, Ezra wasn't a perfect place to live. The local governor got a little more aid from the Core than many of the Rim worlds, particularly in the form of educators. Both of Vincent's parents were teachers, his father taught grade school and his mother was a professor of biology. Both chose to live on Ezra as part of a long-term outreach program. Both were often consumed with their work, and in particular, Marie was often deep into one research project or another. Nonetheless they were very caring parents, and very concerned over their only son's education. The best schooling Ezra had to offer was laid before Vincent and he took it. While he excelled in the humanities, particularly philosophy and political science, he was weak in math. Fortunately for his future, he had a strong grasp of geometry. When he was seventeen years old, the Unification War broke out. Of the many dissenters on Ezra, the Andorhal family remained staunchly pro-Alliance, Vincent no less than his parents. He saw the education and enlightenment of the Core worlds, and on the other side saw the lawlessness and official abuses that persisted on the Rim. Despite their support, Vincent's parents were furious when they found out that their underage son had falsified his documentation and entered the Alliance Flight Corps.

Vincent's heart was beating in his chest a mile a minute. He knew he wasn't the best when it came to the highly technical aspects of computers, but he had friends who were, who were willing to help. His new ID burned lines of fire across his hand as he handed it to the grizzled recruiter sitting across the folding table. It had advanced his age by all of seven months. There was a war on... maybe they wouldn't look too closely... maybe...

The man had just smiled and handed over a computerized form. Two hours and a physical later, he was signed on. He was rushed through flight training, where he excelled at maneuvers, tactics and evasion, but sank in astrogation. He applied himself to his mathmatical weakness and saw his scores improving, right in time to be rushed into combat. Wars like this are the stuff of young men's dreams. He flew a Hummingbird-class fighter as a Flight Officer and participated in numerous daring raids. His kill count didn't rise as high as some of his fellow squadron-mates, a source of constant ribbing, but all could see he had a genuine knack for weaving his fighter in and out of enemy fire.

There were several fleet actions that set Vincent down the contemplative path he would take for the rest of his life. One was the bombing of Shadow, for which he earned a reprimand for 'insubordination', when he protested the senselessly continued bombardment. The second was the debacle at Sturges, from which so few on either side escaped, any soldier would question the wisdom of the fight at all.

But the war ended at last, and distressed by what he had seen and done, Vincent asked for and was granted an honorable discharge at the rank of Lieutenant. He returned home to find Niska already in charge. He left soon after, attending university in the Core to attain his PhD in history. Nonetheless the plight of his homeworld, and the blight that was Niska, continued to weigh on him; particularly in light of the reaction (or lack thereof) from the Alliance.

He spent several months in the operations division of the Phoenix, performing secondary piloting duties, but mainly contract negotiation until he transferred to their new Supply Store on Persephone. It was there he made several friends and also the contacts which eventually led him to Tienlong, his current employer. He finally is able to put his skills at piloting to work.

Appearance and Demeanor

Vincent Wilmoth Andorhal is a somewhat tall man, topped by unruly brown hair. His eyes are a deep shade of hazel, and his features unremarkable. An angular nose rests over a defined mouth and somewhat rounded chin. His jawline is sharp, but his cheekbones are not pronounced. He is neither thin nor fat, but quite graceful.

He is most frequently dressed in a pair of beaten-up black boots, visibly armored. His pants are denim, and probably began their life as a black color but have been so worn as to fade, mixing with dirt to make a sort of faded black-brown. The denim has been softened from long use into comfortable working clothes. His button-up shirt may have been white once but the dust of some dig or other has left it an off-white color. This is covered by a psuedo-suede overcoat, in a rich auburn color. It has been folded and stuffed in suitcases and also looks tremendously comfortable, if slightly shabby. Two large pockets, into which his hands are often thrust, adorn the front.
Chief Helsman

Peculiarly, a pair of glasses rests on his nose and ears, and they do much to soften what might otherwise be a sharp face. The frames are thin, brassy, and the lenses themselves somewhat short and ovular.

Vincent is by turns solemn and taciturn. He tends strongly toward keeping to himself unless he really trusts people. The sure way to bring him out of this is any historical, philosophical or religious discussion. The man takes argument seriously, and can grow quite passionate about subjects he doesn't even believe, simply for the joy of the mental rigor. Understanding is his one true love, but he has so little.

Despite the brutality of war, or perhaps because of it, Vincent is a very upright person. He doesn't commit illegal acts, he doesn't get drunk, he is temperate in all his acts, except perhaps the pursuit of knowledge, and even that he will reign in if he feels it may impact others. Don't mistake this, it isn't right. He knows he should be a little freer to be himself but he is painfully conscious of the opinions and concerns of others.