Victoria Grumman

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Full name Victoria Angelia Grumman
Date of Birth May 13th 2492
Parents Vincent Charlies Grumman and Valerie Kathrine Grumman
Siblings Edward, Johnathan, Elizabeth, Amanda, Maxwell, Martin, Josephine, Victor, Julie, Peter, Paul, Patrick, Sarah, Joseph, Angel, Rose, Vincet JR
Assignment Captain on the Saint Michael
Specialization Security
Gender Female
Eyes and Hair Blue/Black
Height and Weight 5'6"/ 129lbs
Status DEAD
Education Information

Rimworld Community College

Employment History

Past - RimWorld Security, RimCo Security, Grumman Security and Law Enforcement.

Victoria Grumman (Insert DOB-Present)

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Wrapping around the woman's neck looks to be a beautiful tattoo design of a celtic torque. The image has two tips that resemble ruby gems each flanking either side of her neck, not quite closing in a circle. The round bulb like gems then lead into the scrawling artwork of tribal design, wrapping around the back of the neck almost like a choker or a necklace. From there, wrapping around her upper arms, almost at the shoulder are two tribal tattooed war bands, complex in design with runes and scrawlings that wrap around her whole arm in beautiful colors of reds and blues. On her lower left bicept rests a black medieval style dragon with flaming red eyes and the word VENGEANCE in bold black letters. On the lower right bicept is an angel with black crow like wings and a crown of thorns around her head. She's sitting on a rock with her head hung down in shame, her body bloody and beaten with the word FALLEN. On her left forearm is the archangel Micheal bearing his flaming sword in one hand while a decapitated reaver head is in the other, the worlds REDEMPTION are scrawled under that tattoo, and on the left forearm is an interesting version of the Angel of Death, his blackened crow wings are spread out a bit, and he's a skeleton in a black pinstripped suit smoking a cigar while holding a gentleman's cane, under the tattoo is the word DEATH. On her face resting over her right eye is a thick black band in a more triangular shape though it's missing the bottom, it runs up to her forehead, then moves down to frame the side of her eye, from there on her chin rests three bold black bands that start just below her lip and run downwards to the middle of her neck.

Personality and Demeanor

While working or around people Vi's not to comfortable with she tends to be silent, and very withdrawn. To certain people she often comes off as the Ice Queen or a bitch. When she's around people she's comfortable with she is rather warm, joking and friendly though she's also worldly protective of friends and crew, and she's willing to fight for those people to the death. She sometimes can be obsessive, and when she's a lone she tends to distract herself to keep from thinking to much. She's a work-a-holic, and a workout-a-holic too.

Current Employment

Victoria is currently a crewmember (Captain) aboard the Saint Michael.

Bounty Record

John Doe (I can't remember the guy's name) On Saint Alban for smuggling, assault and was presumed armed and dangerous. She assisted the at the time BHG Leader Fortesque Longfellow.

General Walter Mash: Victoria brought down pretty much single handedly a corrupt alliance general who was kidnapping, molesting, and selling young girls into slave trade. During his fall she also shed light on a few nobles and other dirty alliance officers that were under General Mash's command.

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